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Theater and film actor (Ukraine). 

People's Artist of Ukraine (2009). 

"A sharply characterized tragicomic actor".

From 1988 to the present, he has been an actor at the Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank of the Dnipro River.

Prizes and awards:

Winner of the National Prize "Man of the Year", in the nomination "Best Actor of the Year", 2002, 2003, 2005.

Winner of the Wheel of Fortune award.

Twice winner of the Kyiv Pectoral Award:

1997 - in the nomination "Best Actor" for the role of Messer Nici in the play "The Comedy on the Delights of Sin" by Machiavelli;

2003 - in the nomination "Best Actor" for the role of Podkolesin in the play "The Marriage" by N. Gogol.

He is a holder of the Order of St. Vladimir.

Chevalier of the Order of Friendship.

Holder of the Order of Honor.



Location - Ukraine




Gender: Male

Date of birth: February 24, 1959

Height: 179

Weight: 90

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Gray

Nationality: Slavic, European

Clothing size: 52, suit -52; jeans - 33-34, shirt collar - 42 

Shoe size: 43

Voice timbre: Tenor

Expiration date of the passport: 2026

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: comedy, drama, farce, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 1979


Sports: Skiing, Horseback riding

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

Dances: Folk

Driving skills: Car

Weapon skills: Pistol, Rifle, Machine gun




2019 Natalka Poltavka (Ukraine)

2019 Servant of the People-3. Choice (Ukraine) :: Rustem Mamatov

2019 The Exes (Russia, Ukraine, short)

2019 The Great Vuyki (Ukraine)

2019 11 Children from Morshyn | 11 Children from Morshyn (Ukraine)

2018 Souvenir from Odesa (Ukraine) :: Zuev

2017 A good guy | A good guy (Ukraine) :: Igor Sheremet

2017 Saturday (Ukraine) :: Captain

2017 Servant of the People 2. From Love to Impeachment (Ukraine) :: Rustem Ashotovich Mamatov, oligarch

2017 The Veil | Poluda (Ukraine) :: Eduard Yanovych

editor-in-chief of a regional newspaper

2017 Upside down | Upside down (Ukraine) :: Savely Samoilovich

2016 I love my husband (Ukraine) :: San Sanych, channel editor

2016 Miracle on Schedule | Miracle on Schedule (Ukraine) :: Petro Gavrilovich, publisher

2016 The Hostess | The Hostess (Ukraine)

2016 Servant of the People-2 (Ukraine, movie) :: Rustem Ashotovich Mamatov, oligarch

2016 The Old Miller's Tale | The Old Miller's Tale (Ukraine, movie) :: Perets Perets

2016 The Last Muscovite. Judgment Day | The Last Muscovite. Judgment Day (Ukraine)

2016 Dogs (Ukraine) :: Investigator

2016 The best week of my life | The best week of my life (Ukraine) :: Victor Sergeevich :: the main role

2016 DZIDZIO Contrabass | Dzidzio Contrabass (Ukraine)

2015 The Last Janissary (Russia, Ukraine) :: Timofey Soroka, shoemaker

2015 According to the laws of wartime (Russia, Ukraine) :: Major of State Security Lozynsky

2015 Captivity (Ukraine) :: chemist :: lead role

2015 Officer's Wives (Ukraine) :: chemist Morzyanych

2014-2016 Light and shadow of the lighthouse :: Siglyaev, a lawyer from Moscow

2014 Trumpeter (Ukraine) :: Stepan Semenovich Gamkalo

2014 The Last Muscovite | The Last Muscovite (Ukraine) :: Vasily Mikitiuk :: the main role

2014 While the village sleeps (Russia, Ukraine) :: Timofey Soroka

2014 Dangerous Love :: Valery Petrovich Lensky, arms dealer

2014 When the Dawn Comes :: Albert, a thief

2013 Late Repentance (Ukraine) :: driver

2013 Magic Stories: The Elixir of Kindness (Ukraine) :: The Wizard Dr. Golf :: the main role

2013 The Agent :: Jasper Svenson, microbiologist

2012 Death to Spies. The Hidden Enemy (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine) :: Igor Matveyevich Kirillov, captain of the medical service

2012 Odessa-Mama (Ukraine) :: Wolf Aronovich Moore

2012 The Mute :: Vasily Rykov, security guard

2012 Personal life of investigator Savelyev (Russia, Ukraine) :: Veshchitsky, collector

2012 The Defender :: Egor Gnatovich

2012 Brother for Brother 2 (Russia, Ukraine) :: Ivan Antonov :: lead role

2011 I will never forget you :: Valery Semenovich

a doctor in a psychiatric hospital

2011 Donut Lucy (Russia, Ukraine) :: Belkevich

2011 Little Dancer | Little Dancer (Serbia, Ukraine, Montenegro) :: Danilo

2011 Swallow's Nest (Ukraine) :: Nikolay, director

2011 Bone-cutter (Russia, Ukraine) :: homeless man

2010-2013 Efrosiniya (all seasons) (Russia, Ukraine) :: Pyotr Rudenko, investigator

2010 Faith, Hope, Love :: Boris Leonidovich Fridberg

2009 Daisy, cactus, daisy (Ukraine) :: Valery Valerievich Derevyannikov, former chief

2009 Hunting for the Werewolf (Ukraine) :: Sergeant Major Stakhovych

2009 A melody for a sharmanka (Ukraine)

2009 Legends of Witchcraft Love (Russia, Ukraine) :: Doctor

2009 Like Cossacks... | Like the Cossacks... (Ukraine) :: Captain Suvorov

2009 Cinderella from the island of Djerba (Ukraine) :: Rudik

2009 This is me (Ukraine) :: Kostya

2009 Two sides of one Anna (Ukraine) :: lawyer Mamayev

2009 Everything is possible (Ukraine) :: Yegor Krichevsky, general director of the TV channel

2009 A good reason to kill (Ukraine) :: the "godfather" :: "godfather"

2009 The Shark (Ukraine) :: Timur Gennadievich Shilov

2009 1941 (Ukraine, Russia) :: Archimedes Arkhip

a village elder; former village accountant

2008 Black Dress (Ukraine) :: Vrunov, a doctor

2008 I want a child (Ukraine) :: Ilya Ilyich Veselkin

Ilya's father, a doctor

2008 Gravity (Ukraine) :: Ryaboshtan

2008 About Love (Russia, Ukraine) :: Father Benedict - Venya

2008 Cardiogram of Love (Ukraine) :: Fedir Opanasovych, theater director

2008 Big difference (Ukraine) :: Eduard Sylvestrovich

2007 Seven days before the wedding (Ukraine) :: Andrey Andreyevich

Katerina's father

2007 A Very New Year's Movie, or Night at the Museum | A Very New Year's Movie (Ukraine) :: Andrew The caretaker

2007 The King :: Kostikov

2007 When you don't expect her at all (Ukraine) :: Ivan

2007 Hold me tight (Ukraine) :: Lekha, administrator of the group ViaGra

2007 Villa of Discord, or New Year's Eve in Acapulco (Ukraine) :: Cook

2006-2007 Payback for sins (Ukraine) :: Arkady Bronnikov, Irina's father

2006-2007 Guardian Angel | Guardian Angel (Ukraine) :: Stepan

a lifeguard at the station, Evelina's husband

2006 Utesov. A Song of a Lifetime :: "Pushok"

2006 A Strange Christmas (Ukraine) :: Peter Samoilov, prosecutor

2006 Psychopath (Ukraine) :: Sergei, the jubilee

2006 The Adventures of Verka Serdyuchka (Ukraine) :: Yakov, a singing teacher

2006 Madhouse (Ukraine) :: Konstantin Atambekov :: the main role

2006 Two in one | Two in one (Ukraine) :: theater employee

2006 City Romance (Ukraine) :: Arkady Bronnikov, Irina's father

2006 All inclusive (Russia, Ukraine) :: bartender Sasha

2006 Aurora, or What Sleeping Beauty Dreams (Ukraine) :: Dr: Dr. Valevich

2005 The Right to Love (Ukraine) :: Commandant Koka

2005 Healing with Love (Ukraine) :: Boris Samoilov, father of Kocha: Boris Samoilov, father of Kostya and Lesha

2005 The Golden Boys (Russia, Ukraine) :: Nikita Kmit, doctor

2005 Women's Intuition-2 (Ukraine) :: Gosha Gosha

plastic surgeon, former, second husband of Inga

2005 Yesenin :: Nikolai Klyuev, poet, friend of Yesenin

2004 The Hucksters (Ukraine) :: Roman Petrovich, businessman

2004 Guide (Ukraine) :: Roman Petrovich, businessman

2004 Against the stream :: Yura, artist

2004 Casanova involuntarily (Russia, Ukraine) :: Gorsky :: the main role

an artist from Moscow, Petrenko's friend

2004 Games of grown-up girls (Ukraine) :: Orest Mukhin

2004 Iron Hundred | Iron Hundred (Ukraine) :: lecturer

2004 The Joker (Ukraine) :: Arnold

2004 Dasha Vasilieva. A lover of private investigation -2

2003 The Snow Queen (Ukraine) :: snowman-priest

2003 Lady Mayor :: Stepan

2003 Tomorrow will be tomorrow (Ukraine, Russia) :: a technologist for the production of "vodka" at the Norstein factory

2003 The Spirit of the Earth (Ukraine) :: Kryshchenko, a district police officer

2003 Dasha Vasilieva. A lover of private investigation -1 :: Lev Arceulov

2003 Merry company (Russia, Ukraine) :: vice-rector

2003 A Mad Day, or the Marriage of Figaro (Ukraine) :: Judge Bridouison

2002 Cicuta (Ukraine)

2002 The Right to Defense (Ukraine) :: Vasily Semenovich Lobov, a doctor

2002 Under the roofs of a big city :: Igor Igor

2002 Cinderella (Russia, Ukraine) :: Stargazer :: Stargazer

2001 If I don't come back (Ukraine)

2001 Birthday of the Bourgeois - 2 (Russia, Ukraine) :: star Kostya

2001 Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka (Ukraine) :: Panas

2000 Adventures of an Abandoned Husband (Russia, Ukraine) :: Kesha

2000 Unconquered | Unconquered (Ukraine) :: Pashkevich

2000 The Enchantress | The Enchantress (Ukraine, movie and play) :: Stepan

1999 Birthday of the Bourgeois (Russia, Ukraine) :: Kostya, a doctor

1996 Operation "Contract" (Ukraine)

1995 Love Island (Ukraine) :: Company in a cafe

1993 Night of Questions... (Ukraine) :: Petya

1991 Imitator

1982 Personal accounts

1981 The Sixth

1980 Sailors have no questions :: the one who is waiting for a hotel room

1980 Mercedes escapes from the chase | Mercedes escapes from the chase :: a German soldier

1980 We take care of everything


From 1988 to the present, he has been an actor at the Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank of the Dnipro River.

Since 1990, he has been an actor at the Kyiv Theater on Podil.

In 1983-1988 he was an actor at the Dnipro Russian Drama Theater named after M. Gorky.

In 1980-1983 he was an actor at the Sevastopol Theater of the Black Sea Fleet named after B.A. Lavrenev.

Actor - Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank of the Dnipro River.

* Tailor - "The Wooden King" V. Zimina, 1989. 

* O'Brien - "Treasure Island" by R.-L. Stevenson, 1990.

* The Second Correspondent, aka the Orderly - "Today I Will Become a Woman" by A. Salynsky, 1990 

* Zhora - "A Child by November" by L. Zhukhovytsky, 1991 

* Golutvin - "You Need Me, Gentlemen!" based on the play by A. Ostrovsky "Simplicity is Enough for Every Wise Man," 1991 

* Gosha the Clown - "The Mystery of the New Year's Letter" by D. Kisin, 1992

* Stepan - "The Magician" by I. Karpenko-Kary, 1993

* Yaroslav Gasparov - "Without... the Final Journey" by V. Ivanov, 1994 

* Mitch - "A Streetcar Named Desire" by T. Williams, 1994 

* Hitler - "Mein Kampf, or Socks in a Coffee Pot" by D. Tabori, 1995

* Messire Nica - "Comedy on the Beauty of Sin" based on Machiavelli's play "The Mandrake", 1996 

* Peredonov - "The Little Imp" by F. Sologub, 1997

* Voznesensky - "The Living Corpse" by Leo Tolstoy, 1997 

* Pantalone - First Counselor - The Love of Three Oranges by C. Gozzi, 1997

* Ludovico - The Moor of Venice (Othello) by W. Shakespeare, 1998 

* Duke Bolinbrock - "Europe can wait!" based on the play "A Glass of Water" by E. Scribe, 1998 

* Ottavio - "The Whims of Marianne" by A. de Musset, 1999

* Varravin, Polutatarinov - "The Death of Tarelkin" by A. Sukhovo-Kobylin, 2000

* First Doctor - "Much Ado About Nothing in Paris" based on J.-B. Molière's play "Monsieur de Poursonniak", 2001 

* Podkolesin - "The Marriage" by N. Gogol, 2002

* Actor - "The Queue" by A. Mardan, 2006 

* Daniel Jones - "The Pink Bridge" based on the novel "The Bridges of Madison County" by R.D. Waller, 2007 

* "Small Imp"

* Hitler - "Mein Kampf"

* "A Comedy about the Convictions of Sin" ("Mandragora")

* "You need me, gentlemen!" ("Simplicity is enough for every wise man")

* "The Marriage"

* "We have been exchanged bodies" (intermission)


Has experience 


У 2009 році був ведучим шоу "Ранок з "Інтером" (Україна).