Represented by: Ksenia, Contact: ksyhhha15@gmail.com 

Actress, producer (Ukraine, Germany).



Location - Germany




Gender: Female 

Date of birth: December 13, 1988

Height: 166

Weight: 47

Body type: Slender

Eye color: Gray-green

Hair color: Light brown/dark brown

National type: European, Slavic

Clothing size: 34 (Xs)

Shoe size: 38

External features: Tattoos

Voice timbre: Mezzo-soprano

Expiration date of the passport: 2026

Driver's license: A, B

City of residence: Kyiv, Berlin

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, drama, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 2016


Sports: Skiing, Ice skating

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Dance: Modern

Musical instruments: Piano

Active hobbies: Mountain tourism

Driving skills: Bicycle, Car, Moped, Motorcycle, Yacht

Weapon ownership: Pistol, Rifle

Additional skills: Driving a bike.




2020 Sasha's case | Sasha's case (Ukraine) :: Faith

2020 Two Hearts | Two Hearts (Ukraine) :: episode

2020 Secret Doors (TV Series) :: The secretary 

2020 Dog 6 (TV Series) :: Alya

2020 The Last Cop (TV Series) :: Veronica

2020 Shadow of the Past (TV Series) :: Marina

2020 Dr. Baby Dust 5 (TV Series) :: Zoya 

2020 Formula for Happiness (TV series) :: nurse 

2019 Tyson (Ukraine) :: episode

2019 Sunny November (Ukraine) :: Tanya

2019 Contemporaries (documentary, 10-episode series) :: project author, host :: EPOCHA TV channel

2019 A mother's heart (Ukraine) :: Yulia, secretary

2019 Hotel Cupid | Hotel Cupid (Ukraine) :: Karina

2018 Other people's relatives (Ukraine) :: episode

2018 Journey to the Center of the Soul (Ukraine) :: Katya, stylist

2018 Opera on Call | Opera on Call (Ukraine) :: Elena

2018 Death by Inheritance | Death by Inheritance | 12th episode

2018 A Mother's Heart (TV Series) :: Julia

2018 Sunny November (Series) :: Tanya

2017 The Second Life of Eva | The Second Life of Eva (Ukraine) :: nurse

2017 I'm not crying anymore (series) :: Alice

2017 The Hornet's Nest (TV Series) :: Secretary 

2017 Journey to the Center of the Soul (TV Series) :: Kat 

2016 I never cry | I never cry (Ukraine) :: Alisa Sergeyevna

2016 Wounded Heart (Ukraine) :: Natasha

2016 Between love and hate (Ukraine) :: episode

2016 Katerina (Ukraine) :: announcer

2016 Agents of Justice (TV series) :: Widow

2016 Molfar (TV series) :: Luba

2016 Perspective (short film) :: The Muse

2016 From Love to Hate (TV series) :: Anchor



"The Seagull" by A.P. Chekhov :: Nina

"The Seagull by Boris Akunin :: Arkadina

2006-2010 Theater performances:

"Once again about love" :: Natasha :.

"The Marriage of Balzaminov" :: Balzaminov's mother

"The Orchestra" by Jean Anouilh :: Hermelina :.


Music video directed by Volodymyr Dorosh "A Mother's Prayer"

The film "Priest-San. Confessions of a Samurai" :: co-producer