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Theater and film actor (Ukraine).



Location - Ukraine




Gender: Male

Date of birth: September 2, 1979

Height: 180

Weight: 82

Body type: Muscular, Athletic

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown/Dark brown

Ethnicity: Arab, Caucasian, European, Gypsy, Jewish, Slavic

Clothing size: 50(L)

Shoe size: 42

Voice timbre: Lyric baritone

Passport expiration date: 2028 (biometric), US visa until 2026

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: comedy, drama, farce, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 2013


Sports: Bodybuilding, Skiing, Equestrian sports, Ice skating, Athletics, Swimming, Fitness aerobics

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English (above intermediate level), Spanish (intermediate level)

Dances: Modern

Musical instruments: Guitar, Piano

Active hobbies: Diving, Mountain tourism, Rollerblading

Driving skills: Bicycle, Car, Moped, Motorcycle

Weapon ownership: Pistol, Rifle

Additional skills: Continuous driving experience of 20 years; extreme driving courses; horseback riding; professional vocals




2021 Legends of the Magic Forest (Ukraine, in production) :: Poverty :: dir. V. Andrienko 

2021 The Fortune Teller (Ukraine, in production) :: Maltsev :: dir. by O. Zborovsky :: IQ Production

2020 District Police Officer (Ukraine) :: Killer :: dir. by R. Tkachenko, R. Brovko :: Mamas Production

2020 Everyone has a lie (Ukraine) :: Opera :: Dir. A.Mateshko :: Mamas Production 

2020 Dragon Slayer (Nina)_ Nina and the Dragon Slayer (Ukraine, Switzerland) :: Prison guard :: dir. Peter Luisi

2019 Sworn Friends (Ukraine) :: Kanevsky, the football player :: dir: Victoria Film

2019 The Heirs (Ukraine) :: Krasko :: dir. D.Matov :: Mamas Film Production

2019 Cop wars. Kharkiv (Ukraine) :: Uvar, the killer cop :: 1+1 Production

2019 Someone else's sin (Ukraine) :: Oleg :: dir. by A. Lisovets :: Mamas Production

2019 The One Who Looks Away (Ukraine) :: Oleksiy Lekhov :: dir. Melnichenko

2018 Dog-4 (Ukraine) :: S. Tereshchuk :: Victoria Studio (Pro TV)

2017 Dog-2 (Ukraine) :: drug dealer :: dir: Victoria Studio (Pro TV), Competitor | 15th episode

 2017 Dr. Kovalchuk (Ukraine) :: dir. by O.Strelnikova, V.Yakovenko :: Panopticon

2016-2017 A Heavenly Place (Ukraine) :: Pavlo :: dir. by A. Salnikov, A. Tsyvaty, M. Pogrebyska :: Front Cinema

2016 Department 44 (Ukraine) :: V.Doshchuk, V.Dyachenko :: dir: About TV

2014 While the village is sleeping (Russia, Ukraine) :: Cossack :: dir: Mostelefilm, "KinoProduction"

2014 Substitution in an instant (Ukraine) :: episode :: dir. by V. Kharchenko - Kulikovsky :: UPS

2014 Return of Mukhtar-9 :: Vorontsov :: dir. by A.Stepanenko :: Studio "2B" by order of NTV

2013-2016 How the Style was Tempered (Ukraine) :: the prosecutor :: dir. by V.Shpakov :: Idea Production, "Mamahohotala" studio

2013-2014 Sasha (Ukraine) :: Revaz's bodyguard :: dir: About TV


From 2019 to the present, he has been an actor at the Millennium Theater.

2019 Enslavement by Love :: Igor :: directed by Igor Matiev

2018 French Kiss :: Bob :: dir. by Irina Mylygina 

2018 "Whore for hire" :: Arthur :: dir. by Anton Khodorovsky 

2017 Crazy Wedding :: Steve (nerdy best man) :: dir. by Igor Matiev 

2017 "The Day Laborer" :: Skvortsov :: dir. Yuri Evsyukov 

2017 A Signor from High Society :: Raimondo :: dir. Yuriy Yevsyukov 

2017 "The Lame Ballerina" :: A soldier :: dir. Olga Gavrilyuk 

2016 The Marriage of Figaro :: Count Almaviva :: dir. by Serhiy Tikhomirov


2012 Music video by Oleksandr Martsynkevych :: dir. by A. Filatovych :: the husband of the main character

2012 Music video by singer Yaroslava for the song "Birthday" :: directed by A. Filatovich 

2013 Advertising for "Bosch"