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Theater and film actress, TV presenter (Ukraine, Poland).

From 1998--2015 she worked as an actress at the Belarusian National Academic Theater named after Y. Kupala (Minsk).



Location - Poland




Gender: Female

Date of birth: May 29, 1977

Height: 175

Weight: 62

Body type: Normal, Athletic

Eye color: Gray-blue

Hair color: Blonde/Light brown

National type: European, Slavic

Clothing size: 44

Shoe size: 39

Expiration date of the passport: April 2025

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Belarus


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 1996


Sports: Volleyball, Equestrian sports, Ice skating, Table tennis, Swimming, Hand-to-hand combat, Thai boxing, Tennis, Fencing, Fitness aerobics

Languages: Russian, English, German, Polish, Belarusian

Dances: Folk, Historical and everyday, Modern

Active hobbies: Rollerblading

Driving skills: Car, Bicycle

Weapon skills: Knife, Pistol, Machine gun, Sword/saber

Additional skills: Classical and folk vocals.




2021 The Narrow Bridge | The Narrow Bridge (Georgia, Ukraine, in production) :: lead role

2021 The Sky (Ukraine) :: lead role, Svetlana :: directed by O. Panteleev

2018 Side effect (Ukraine) :: Magdalena :: dir. by O. Bayrak :: Bayrak Studio

2018 Oh, Ma-Moch-Ki-2 (Belarus, Russia) :: Kira Alekseevna, Dasha's mother :: dir: "Belarusfilm, TROGIR PRODUCTION LLC

2017 Papanki (Ukraine) :: Natasha :: dir. by I.Vasylieva, S.Kaganovich :: Dizel Production

2017 A good guy (Ukraine) :: Lina Kameneva :: dir. by E.Baranov, V.Rozhko :: 1+1

2017 The One Who Doesn't Sleep | The One Who Doesn't Sleep (Ukraine) :: Koretska :: dir. by E.Baranov, V.Rozhko :: Accel Time Production

2016 The Singer (Ukraine) :: Diana, line role :: dir. by Dmytro Goldman :: Front Cinema

2016 Dog-2 (Ukraine) :: Ksenia :: dir. by Mykola Kaptan :: Victoria Studio (Pro TV)

2015 About Peter and Paul (Russia) :: dir. by Yuri Popovich

2013 Oh, Ma-Moch-Ki (Belarus, Russia) :: director: Kira Alekseevna, Dasha's mother :: dir: "Belarusfilm and TROGIR PRODUCTION LLC

2012 Stealing Belmondo (Belarus) :: Lida :: dir. by N. Knyazev :: "Belteleradiocompany, Belarusfilm

2012 Lonely Island | Üksik saar (Belarus, Latvia, Estonia) :: Alice, the Investigator :: dir. by Peter Simm :: Lege Artis Film (Estonia), Belarusfilm (Belarus), F.O.R.M.A. Studio (Latvia)

2012 Test of Loyalty (Russia):: Ksenia, Seva's mistress :: dir: Production company "Mediaprofsoyuz"

2012 Couch for a lonely man (Russia) :: Margot :: dir. by A.Krasavin :: Mediaprofsoyuzka Production Company

2012 Starry Lint (Russia) :: a visitor to the cafe "Kafel" :: dir. by A.Kagadeev :: NOM-film

2011 All we need... (Belarus) :: the main role, Diana Artemyeva, a businesswoman :: dir: Belarusfilm

2011 There is Happiness (Russia) :: Tatiana, Svetlana's sister :: dir. D.Sorokin :: Theseus LLC

2011 This woman is for me (Belarus, Russia) :: Kristina, Sergei's wife :: dir. P.Stepin :: Mediaprofsoyuz Film Company

2011 PiraMMMMMida (Russia) :: Gutov's wife :: dir. by Eldar Salavatov :: Leopolis Film Company

2010 Masakra (Belarus) :: Ostrovskaya, the landlady :: dir. A. Kudinenko :: Belarusfilm

2010 Assassination attempt (Belarus) :: Inga :: dir. by A. Efremov :: Belarusfilm, Belteleradiocompany, Art Cinema Group

2010 The Irony of Luck (Russia) :: lead role, Nadezhda :: dir: Green Line Studio

2010 Zhurov-2 :: Karina Beloshnikova, Beloshnikov's young wife :: dir. Karen Ohanesyan :: Parus Studio for Central Partnership

2010 Captain Gordeev (Russia) :: Elena Lapitskaya :: dir. A. Burtsev, M. Solovtsova, A. Nazikyan :: Intra Communications

2009 Trial: Greyhounds | 1st episode :: lead role

2009 Semin :: A brunette, a woman of "Chanson", a hired killer :: dir. by A.Franskevich

2008 Challenge-3 :: Nina, Seven Sons of Ng | Movie #9

2008 Riorita :: German

2007 I am a detective :: Irina Kulagina : lead role, Warned means... killed | Movie #2

2007 Major of the Winds (Belarus) :: blonde :: directed by A.Zvantsova

2005 Three Thalers (Belarus) :: Chase's mom

2003 Occupation. Mysteries (Belarus, the Netherlands) :: Eva :: dir. by A. Kudinenko

2003 Anastasia Slutskaya (Belarus) :: the main role, Princess Anastasia Slutskaya :: dir. by Y.Yelkhov

2002 The Battle of the Five Armies (Belarus) :: a girl on a steamer

1985 Come and See

1983 The Tale of the Star Boy


Belarusian National Academic Theater named after Y. Kupala:

Shen De and Shoy Da, in the title role - "A Good Man from Sichuan";

Lady Macbeth, the title role - "Macbeth", W. Shakespeare;

Franka, in the title role - "The Boor" by E. Ozheshko;

Pavlynka, lead role - "Pavlynka", J. Kupala;

Barbara Radiville, in the title role - "Black Miss Nesvizh", A. Dudarev;

Yulia, lead role - "Kim", A. Dudarev;

Zmeiukina - "The Wedding" by A. Chekhov;

Maria, the title role - Woyzeck, by G. Büchner;

Meire - Translaitions, B. Friel;

Aksyusha - "The Forest" by A. Ostrovsky;

Nastusya - "Eternal Thomas", based on the story "The Village of Stepanchikovo and its Inhabitants" by F. Dostoevsky;

Charlotte Ivanovna - "SV", based on the play "The Cherry Orchard" by A. Chekhov;

Masha - "More than Rain", based on the play "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov.


Dubbing in Polish, German, Belarusian :: about 5 projects :: dir. by A. Frantskevich, A. Kudenenko, D. Sorokin :: Belarusfilm, Central Partnership, Navigator Studio


In 2007-2008, she hosted a comedy program on the Belsad TV channel (Belarus, Poland).