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Theater and film actor (Lithuania).

Since 2005 he has been an actor at the Vilnius Old Theater.

Prizes and awards:

2005 Golden Stage Cross, nomination "Debut".

2013 Golden Stage Cross for Best Leading Actor of the Year (Nanny in the play The Christmas Tree at the Ivanovs).

2014 Silver Crane for Best Supporting Actress in the film "Nesamasis laikas" (False Time) directed by M. Vilgijunas.



Location - Lithuania




Gender: Male

Date of birth: June 24, 1981

Height: 177

Weight: 75

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Light brown/dark brown

National type: European, Slavic,  Scandinavian

Clothing size: M

Shoe size: 42.5

Voice timbre: Tenor

Expiration date of the passport: 

City of residence: Vilnius

Citizenship: Lithuania


Genre: Comedy, drama, farce, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 2003


Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Darts, Judo, Table tennis, Tennis, Fencing, Football

Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian

Dances: Ballroom, Folk, Historical and domestic, Modern

Musical instruments: Guitar

Weapon skills: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Machine gun, Sword/saber




2023 9th step | 9-as žingsnis :: Linas - lead role (Germany, Lithuania, Poland, in production)

2021 Max Anger | Max Anger - With One Eye Open :: Kostya (UK, Sweden)

2020 02 | Dawn of War | Operacija 'O2' :: Major Kozlov (Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia)

2019 Oleg | Oleg | Olegs :: the main role, Oleg (Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland) 

2019 Purple mist | Purpurinis rūkas (Lithuania)

2018 Sasha was here | Sasha Was Here | Chia buvo Saša :: Thomas (Lithuania) 

2018 Mountain of Owls | Owls Mountain | Pelėdų kalnas :: officer (Lithuania)

2017 Snake | Gyvatė :: lead role, Eimantas (Lithuania, short) 

2017 Emilia from Freedom Alley | Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos :: Darius :: dir. Donatas Ulvydas (Lithuania) 

2017 Aldebaran | Aldebaran | Aldebaranas :: lead role (Lithuania, short)

2016 The Hero :: young officer :: dir. by Yuriy Vasyliev :: production center Cinema Production, Media Art Studio company

2016 Winter thaw :: Peter :: dir. by Adam Thomas Anderreg

2015 Conversations :: Pokalbiai :: lead role :: dir. by Andrius Sharapovas (Lithuania) 

2015 Dangerous feelings | Pavojingi jausmai :: Mantas Petrushka :: dir. by R. Banionis, V. Banionene :: Videometra (Lithuania)

2014 Agents | The Assets :: Zhomov :: Baltic Film Services, Lincoln Square Productions (USA)

2013 Non-Present Time | Nesamasis laikas :: lead role, Vitalis :: dir. by Mykolas Vilgijunas :: Just a moment (Lithuania) 

2013 Our mothers, our fathers | Generation War | Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter :: Russian commander :: dir. by Philipp Kadelbach :: ZDF - Teamworx - Beta Film - ZDF Enterprises (Germany)

2012 The Mystery of Westerplatte | Tajemnica Westerplatte :: dir: Pleograf, Baltic Film Group (Lithuania, Poland)

2012 Actor's Death (short) :: actor

2009 A Pit - One Life Story | Duburys :: Dimka :: dir. by G. Lukšas :: Lithuanian Film Studio (Lithuania) 

2008 Defiance :: policeman :: dir. by E. Zwick (Lithuania, USA) 

2003 Lithuanian Transit :: Coca :: dir. by E. Kubilius :: DomFilm Film Company (Russia, Lithuania)


Vilnius Old Theater:

The Boy - The Time of the Lynx by P.-U. Enquist, directed by A. Gelds, 2001;

Figaro - "Figaro is here!" by P. O. Beaumarchais, directed by G. Trostyanetsky, 2004;

Baronne - "The Libertine" by E.-E. Schmitt, directed by G. DiCapua, 2005;

Volodya - The Crane by A. Chekhov, directed by G. Tskhvirava, 2006;

Passerby - Funny Money by R. Cooney, dir. by A. Girba, 2006;

A Young Man - "Hotel of Two Worlds" by E.-E. Schmitt, dir. by C. Rackis, 2007;

Laurent - "Blue Paradise" by M. Poli, directed by M. Polishchuk, 2007;

Salerio - "The Merchant of Venice" by W. Shakespeare, directed by R. Marjolia, 2008;

Raven - The Snow Queen by E. Schwartz, directed by A. Shchutsky, 2008; 

The Wolf - "The One Who Runs with the Wolves" (based on the novel "Little Red Riding Hood" by M. Tikkanen), directed by L. Adomaitene, 2009;

Chatsky - "Woe from Wit" by A. Griboyedov, directed by J. Vaitkus, 2009;

Prince Kristup - "Sleeping Beauty" by E. Stankevičiūtė (based on the fairy tale by S. Perrault), dir. by E. Stankevičiūtė, 2009; 

Sasha - Bastard Love by M. Macijavicius (based on the story "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard" by P. Sanaev), dir. by A. Jankevicius, 2010;

Tili - "The One Who Gets Slapped" by L. Andreev, dir. by J. Vaitkus, 2011;

Yun Sulbakken - The Magic Chalk by S. Hopp, dir. by O. Lapina, 2011;

The Nanny - The Christmas Tree at the Ivanovs' by A. Vvedensky, dir. by J. Vaitkus, 2012;

The First Husband - Illusions by I. Vyrypaev, directed by O. Kovrykov, 2012;

The Prince - The Little Mermaid by H. H. Andersen, directed by Y. Shchutsky, 2012;

Mercutio - Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare, directed by P. Urai, 2013;

Carlos Bueno - The Grönholm Method by J. Halceran, directed by A. Jankevicius, 2013;

Yoon - Yoon and Sophus, or the Golden Knight by S. Hopp, dir. by O. Lapina, 2013;

Eugene Onegin; Guillot - "Eugene Onegin" by A. Pushkin, dir. by J. Vaitkus, 2013;

Dead Body - Zoika's Apartment by Mikhail Bulgakov, dir. by R. Atkočiūnas, 2014;

Edmond; The Servant of the Duke of Cornwall - King Lear by W. Shakespeare, dir. by J. Vaitkus, 2014;

Letika - The Scarlet Sails by Y. Shchutsky (based on the fairy tale by A. Green), directed by H. Petrotskis, 2015;

Nizami - Seven Beauties by Nizami Ganjavi, dir. by J. Vaitkus, 2015;

Oedipus Rex - The Myth of Oedipus by Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, dir. by Gytnaras Varnas, 2016;

Bro - Ice by Vladimir Sorokin, dir. by Agnijus Jankevičius, 2016;

Judas - Seven Fridays of the Pharisee Saul by A. Andreev, dir. by Jonas Veitkus, 2016.


2016 "I am Katya Golubeva" (Lithuania, Russia, documentary) :: reads the text