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Theater and film actor, director (Ukraine).

In 2001-2014 he was an actor at the Kyiv Academic Young Theater.

In 2002-2007, he worked as a director and actor at the Atelier 16 Theater in Kyiv.


     actor of drama theater and cinema, workshop of B. Stavytskyi, 2000

     director, workshop of V.A. Shulakov, V.A. Chkhaidze.


Location - Ukraine




Gender: Male

Date of birth: April 15, 1979

Height: 180

Weight: 75

Body type: Athletic

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: With gray hair

National type: Asian, European, Slavic

Clothing size: 52-54

Shoe size: 43

External features: Tattoos

Voice timbre: Tenor

Expiration date of the passport: 2023

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, drama, farce, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 1999


Sports: Aikido, Skiing, Horseback riding, Athletics, Table tennis, Swimming, Fencing

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Dances: Folk, Historical and everyday, Modern

Musical instruments: Guitar

Active hobbies: Rollerblading

Driving skills: Motorcycle, Car

Weapon skills: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Machine gun, Sword/saber




2022 NCIS (Ukraine) :: dir: MAMAS

2022 Neighbor (Ukraine) :: dir. by N. Pasenytska :: F-Film

2022 Infiniti | Infiniti, dir. by Thierry Poirot (France, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Ukraine)

2021 Angels, dir. by Oleh Maslennikov, Sfera Film

2021 Our Cats 2, or The Secret of the Convent :: dir. by V. Tykhyi

2020 Our cats :: dir. V. Tykhyi :: lead role volunteer with the call sign SUMMER

2020 Family portrait | Family portrait (Ukraine) :: Alexey in his youth

2020 Midwife (Ukraine)

2019 Favorite Children | Favorite Children (Ukraine) :: Andriy

2019 Touching the heart | Touching the heart (Ukraine) :: Sable

2019 Favorite Children (Ukraine) :: Andrey

2019 Captain 2 (Ukraine) :: Rostislav

2019 Touching the heart (Ukraine) :: episode

2018 House of Hope (Ukraine) :: Krokhin

2018 The Best Man (Ukraine) :: Krokhin

2018 According to the laws of wartime-2 (Russia, Ukraine) :: gunner of anti-aircraft calculation

2017 The Guard (Ukraine) :: Uncle, lead role :: dir. A.Shaparev :: PracticePro

2017 The Gate (Ukraine) :: father, head of the family :: directed by V.Tykhyi

2017 The One Who Doesn't Sleep (Ukraine) :: coach

2017 The Princess's Will (Ukraine) :: episode

2017 The Oncoming Lane | The Drivers (Ukraine) :: Oleg, the ATO fighter :: dir. G.Kuvivchak-Sakhno :: 2+2

2017 40+ or the geometry of love (Ukraine) :: Oleg, an artist :: dir. by Oksana Bayrak :: FILM.UA

2016-2017 Dog-2 (Ukraine) :: bodyguard :: dir: Victoria Studio (Pro TV) series "Alibi"

2016 Rule of Battle :: chief surgeon, D.Tuboltsev :: dir. by A.Shaparev

2016 Katerina (Ukraine) :: Vlad, producer :: dir. by A.Timenko :: Sister's Productions

2016 Blindage :: lead role, Summer :: dir: Babylon 13

2016 Military hospital | On the line of life (Ukraine) :: ATO fighter :: directed by Anton Hoyda :: Fresh Film

2016 To see the rainbow, you have to survive the rain (Ukraine) :: Chita :: dir. by O. Bayrak :: FILM.UA, Studio Bayrak

2015 The Guard (Ukraine) :: "Uncle" :: dir. by A.Shaparev

2014 The Search (France, Georgia) :: an artilleryman :: dir: La Petite Reine, Worldview Entertainment, La Classe Américaine

2014 The Beach (Russia, Ukraine) :: Oleg Smirnov :: dir. by Dmitry Panteleev :: Bravo Production Center / Resort Romance | 5, 6

2014 Saldatiki (Ukraine, short) :: an officer :: directed by A.Kuchmiy :: Union of Young Cinematographers of Ukraine

2013 Cheater (Ukraine) :: the bandit-cheater "Pin" :: dir. by E.Parry :: Star Media

2013 Dark labyrinths of the past (Ukraine) :: dir: Igor Shevtsov :: dir. by O.Turansky :: Star Media

2011 Stringer (Ukraine, TV series) :: lead role, journalist Roman Platonov :: 1+1 production

2011 "Cedar" pierces the sky :: episode :: dir. by A.Barshak :: KoBura Film Company

2011 The Ballad of Bomber (Ukraine) :: episode :: directed by V.Vorobyov :: Shpil Film Company, Film.ua, Pronto Film

2010 I won't give you away to anyone (Russia, Ukraine) :: episode

2010 Grass under the snow (Russia, Ukraine) :: friend of the protagonist, service station mechanic

2010 I won't tell :: policeman

2009 A completely different life (Ukraine) :: episode

2009 Rowan bunches of red :: biker

2009 The Rules of Abduction (Russia, Ukraine) :: bandit

2009 Assholes. Arabesques (Ukraine) :: writer

2009 Prodigal Children (Russia, Ukraine) :: bandit

2008 Good guys (Ukraine) :: bandit

2007 Extraterrestrial (Russia, Ukraine) :: fireman

2004 The Joker (Ukraine) :: episode

2002 The Doll (Ukraine) :: bandit

1999 How steel was tempered (China, Ukraine) :: childhood friend of Pavka Korchagin


Kyiv Academic Young Theater:

Kostya - "The Fourth Sister" by Y. Hlovatsky;

Nikolai - "The Right to Love" by O. Ostrovsky;

Julien - "The Dove" by J. Anouilh;

Yura Golitsyn - "The Muscovyade" by Yuri Andrukhovych;

Sasha Pyzhov - "Torchalov" by M. Voronov;

Bassanio - "Satisfaction";

Reef - "West Side Story" by L. Bernstein (directed by O. Gulyakina);

Tybalt and Romeo - "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare (dir. I. Tikhomirov);

Gordiy Voyaka - "Day of the Spirits" by T. Osmachka (directed by A. Dzekun);

Warrior - "Dance of Love" by A. Schnitzler (dir. S. Moiseev);

Serhiyko - "Rehuviliyzor" by M. Kulish (dir. S. Moiseev);

Woodcutter - The Wizard of the Emerald City, A. Volkov, F. Baum;

Guy - "Chasing Two Hares" by M. Starytsky (dir. V. Shulakov);

Augustine - The Seville Engagement, by R. Sheridan (dir. E. Kurman);

A Parisian - The Kid, by J. de Letraz (dir. V. Begma);

Anzhei - "Steel Will" by M. Kurochkin (dir. D. Bogomazov);

Sergei - "The Lion and the Lioness" by I. Koval (dir. S. Moiseev);

Choir - "The Nutcracker 2000", O. Iranets (dir. A. Senchuk);

Basilio the Cat - "Pinocchio's New Year's Adventures", A. Hetmansky (dir. A. Petrov);

Bright - "Crazy Singer" by V. Tarasov (directed by I. Tikhomirov).

Atelier 16 Theater:

2007-2008 W.Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" :: Tybalt :: dir. I.Tikhomirov

Directing works:

"Peter Piatochkin", A.Vratarev;

"Happy New Year, or How We Saved Him, by D. Tuboltsev.

2003-2004 "Victor, or Children in Power" ("The Horse's Egg"), R. Vitrak (Atelier 16 Theater)

2004-2005 "The One Who Fell from the Sky", A. Vratarev (Atelier 16 Theater)

As a second director:

2002 Vratarev "Equator" :: dir. V.Shulakov


Narrated by Mads Mikkelsen:

2016 Rogue One: Star Wars. Stories :: Galen Erso

2016 Dr. Strange :: Kaecilius