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Theater and film actor, dancer, vocalist (Ukraine).

Prizes and awards: 

Winner of the 1st degree of the All-Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko Recitation Contest (2014).

Grand Prix at the Ivan Franko Recitation Contest (2013).


actor of drama theater and cinema, Benyuk's workshop, 2015


Location - Ukraine




Gender: Male

Date of birth: January 7, 1993

Height: 183

Weight: 70

Body Type: Muscular, Athletic

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown/Dark brown

Nationality: Arab, Asian, European, Gypsy, Indian

Clothing size: М

Shoe size: 42

Voice timbre: Baritone

Expiration date of the passport: 2028 (biometric)

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: comedy, drama, farce, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 2012


Sports: Basketball, Hand-to-hand combat, Equestrian sports, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Martial arts, Swimming, Thai boxing, Track and field, Volleyball

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English (English - high level of proficiency)

Dances: Ballet, Ballroom, Folk, Historical and domestic, Modern

Musical instruments skills: Guitar, Piano

Active hobbies: Rollerblading

Driving skills: Car, Moped, Motorcycle

Weapon skills: Pistol, Rifle, Machine gun, Sword/saber

Additional skills: Mastery of combat disciplines: mix fight, grappling, Thai boxing, freestyle wrestling. Passed stunt training with the Stuntalot crew.

Tactical training, work with small arms, first aid, CQB, room clearing, mine action, and mountaineering courses.




2023 TV series Trace - 4 (Ukraine) :: Stanislav Shugayev, hacker, biologist, lead role :: dir. by Sergiy Krymsky, dir. by Maxim Gulenko, dir. by Danylo Grigoriev

2020 to present - Amomama Media Limited and is an actor who participates in the creation of English-language content for YouTube channels "LOVEBUSTER" and "DramatizeMe"

2023 TV series Trace - 3 (Ukraine) :: Stanislav Shugayev, hacker, biologist, lead role :: dir. by Sergiy Krymsky, dir. by Maxim Gulenko, dir. by Danylo Grigoriev

2021 t/c "Sons of a Happy Woman" :: the role of Sasha (son) :: dir. by Serhiy Krutin 

2021 feature film Volitional Decision (Ukraine) :: the role of Yaroslav :: directed by Oleksandr Piddubskyi

2021 film Jewish museum (Israel-Ukraine) :: 

2021 TV series Thunder from a clear sky (Ukraine) :: role Timur

2021 TV series Police officer with a motorcycle engine (Ukraine) :: directed by Serhiy Tolkushkin 

2021 TV series Mother and Stepmother (Ukraine) :: role Stas :: directed by Sergey Krutin

2021 TV series Crystal Peaks (Ukraine) :: role Prokhor 

2020 - 2021 TV series Trace - 2 (Ukraine) :: Stanislav Shugayev, hacker, biologist, lead role :: dir. by Alexandra Goncharova, dir. by Dmitry Malkov

2020-2021 TV series Serfdom :: the role of young Sklifosovsky :: dir. Felix Gorchakov

2020 TV series Dog 6 :: the role of a packer :: dir. by Mykola Kaptan

2020 TV series The autopsy will show :: the fan Maxim :: dir. by Alexey Esakov

2020 TV series Age difference :: journalist :: dir. by Oleksiy Kiryushchenko

2020 t/s The Trace (Ukraine) :: Stanislav Shugayev, hacker, biologist, lead role :: dir. by Oleksandra Honcharova

2019 Freedom Finance :: the main role - Zakhar :: directed by Irina Petrikey

2019 Secret Doors :: role in the series :: Petrenko :: directed by Vyacheslav Alyoshechkin

2019 Vanishing Traces :: role in the series:: Igor :: directed by Sergey Tolkushkin

2019 Doctor on call 6 :: Max :: the hero of the series / directed by Pavel Mashchenko

2019 Family Ties-2 :: Anton, supporting role :: dir. Vladimir Kharchenko-Kulikovsky

2019 Eva stories (UK) :: supporting role, Pista :: dir. by Mati and Maya Kochavii

2018 Specialists :: 4,6,11,17 episodes :: Ostap, the main character's brother, Zhenya :: dir. by Oleg Maslennikov

2017 The Maid :: 3 episodes :: Maxim :: dir. by Oleg Maslennikov

2016 Selfieparty (Ukraine, full-length) :: lead role, Max :: dir: Vitamin studio


Since 2016 - TV presenter of the program Top Dance Chart :: Music Box Ukraine


Theater of the musical "Comme il faut"

2014 The musical "Marilyn Monroe" :: artist of the ballet company and vocal ensemble

2012-2014 "New Theater" (Zaporizhzhia)

W.Shakespeare "The Taming of the Shrew" :: Lucentio

N.Leskov "Lefty" :: Lefty 

E.Tyshchuk "The Sun is Inside" :: Piero

"Frosty" :: The Prince's Son Egor

Educational theater of KNUTKiT

Franko's "Stolen Happiness" :: Mikhail

W.Tennessee "The sweet-voiced bird of youth" :: Chance Wayne

2017-2020 - artist of the ballet "Freedom", artistic director Olena Kolyadenko

2016-2018 - TV presenter of the Top Dance Chart program on the Music Box UA TV channel

2014-2015 - actor of the musical theater "Comme il faut", artistic director Stanislava Lyasota

2012-2014 - actor of the New Theater, artistic director - Svitlana Lebedieva

Master of Sports in ballroom dancing 13 years of ballroom dancing career. 

Coaches at the Grace Dance Club: Knysh Olena and Knysh Andrii.

He is an arm-wrestling athlete of the Bars club.


2023 Characters voice acting for "Stalker 2"