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Theater and film actress (Ukraine).

Honored Artist of Ukraine (2003).

People's Artist of Ukraine (2011).

From 1995 to the present, she has been an actress at the Lesya Ukrainka Kyiv Academic Drama Theater.

In 1998-2011, she was an actress at the Kyiv Academic Workshop of Theater Art "Suzirya".

Since 2015, she has been an acting teacher at the B. Benyuk course at the I. K. Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television.


- theater and film actress, workshop of M. Rushkovsky, 1995


Location - Ukraine




Gender: Female

Date of birth: July 26, 1974

Height: 172

Weight: 64

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

National type: Slavic, European

Clothing size: 46

Shoe size: 39

Voice timbre: Soprano

Expiration date of the passport: 2028

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 1992


Sports: Handball, Skiing, Ice skating, Table tennis, Swimming, Fencing

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Dance: Ballroom, Folk, Historical and domestic, Modern

Musical instruments: Guitar

Active hobbies: Diving, Mountain tourism

Driving skills: Car

Weapon possession: Pistol




2021 Overcoming (Ukraine, in production) :: Alice :: dir. by Y. Osipov :: Kyivtelefilm

2021 Pulse (Ukraine) :: Oksana's mother :: directed by S.Chebotarenko ::

2021 Mother's Heart (Ukraine) :: Vika :: dir. P.Tupyk :: UPS

2020 Saga (Ukraine) :: Elina 39-45 years old :: dir. D.Laktionov :: "Tri-Ya-Da Production"

2020 Romance with a detective :: dir. by A.Chebotareva, O.Taranenko :: FILM.UA Group, Ukraina TV channel

2020 Life is beautiful (Ukraine) :: Tatiana :: dir. by S.Shcherbyn :: Kyivtelefilm

2019 The one who will guide you | The one who will guide you (Ukraine, short) :: Gabriella :: dir. by R.Chumakov 

2019 The Heirs | The Heirs (Ukraine) :: Irina Orlova, lead role :: dir. by D.Matov :: Mamas Film Production

2018 Other People's Relatives (Ukraine) :: Lyudmila :: dir. by A.Itygilov :: UPS

2018 Give me my dream (Ukraine) :: Anna :: dir. by D.Matov :: UPS

2018 Eclipse (Ukraine) :: Polina :: dir. by A.Azarov :: UPS

2018 Two Poles of Love :: Valeria :: dir. by R.Brovko :: Star Media

2017 A hornet's nest (Ukraine) :: Lyudmila :: dir. by A.Itygilov :: UPS 

2017 My Best Enemy (Ukraine) :: Zhanna :: dir. by A.Itygilov :: Film Stream

2017 Specialists (Ukraine) :: Alla Karpenko :: dir. by O. Maslennikov :: Star Media

2017 Foundlings-2 | Window of Life-2 (Ukraine) :: movie 5, episodes 9, 10 :: lead role, Marie Dumas :: dir. A.Grigoriev ::

2017 Wish List (Ukraine) :: Lisa's mom :: directed by K.Bugrimova :: STB

2016 The Conductress | The Conductress (Ukraine) :: Elena

2015 Three roads (Russia, Ukraine) :: Tatiana Kharitonova :: dir. M.Malich :: Film Stream

2015 Women in Love (Russia, Ukraine) :: Maria :: dir. by Dm.Laktionov :: Star Media

2015 Anka from Moldavanka :: Marusya, Ania's stepmother :: dir. V.Yanoshchuk :: Motor Film Studio

2014 Everything will come back (Russia, Ukraine) :: Irina, a gynecologist :: dir. A.Lisovets :: Star Media

2013 Trap | Trap (Ukraine, Russia) :: Lilya, Lebedev's ex-wife :: dir. by S.Korotayev ::, Central Partnership

2013 Dr. Baby Dust-2 (Ukraine) :: Vera, Brian's wife :: dir: ISTIL STUDIOS & TANARM PICTURES, FILM.UA, PRIMA FILM

2012 Dragon Syndrome (Russia, Ukraine) :: episode :: dir. by N. Homeriki :: RUmedia Film Company

2012 Rita's Last Role (Ukraine) :: lead role, Zoya Erofeeva, Vanya's mother :: dir: Star Media 

2012 Waiting List (Russia, Ukraine) :: lead role, Polina Korneeva :: dir: Polina Korneeva :: dir. by A.Chernykh :: Spire, 5th episode

2011 Pandora's Box :: Anna, Vsevolod's wife :: dir: Star Media

2011 Spring in December :: Ira :: dir. by A.Mateshko :: UPS Film Company

2010-2013 Efrosiniya (all seasons) (Russia, Ukraine) :: Lydia, Mila's mother :: dir. M.Mokrushev, O.Maslennikov, V.Doshchuk, V.Dyachenko :: "Mostelefilm in association with Kyivtelefilm

2010 Plato the Angel (Ukraine) :: Lida, Peter's wife

2010 Faith, Hope, Love :: Lida, Mikhail's bride

2010 Actor, or Love not according to the script (Ukraine, not completed)

2009 Bread Day (Ukraine) :: Tatiana, mother of Andrey and Slava

2009 Autumn Flowers (Ukraine) :: Polina's mother

2009 Autumn Concerns (Russia, Ukraine) :: Sonya

2008 About Love (Russia, Ukraine) :: Nina, Ada's daughter

2007 Thirst for Extreme | Thirst for Extreme (Ukraine) :: Lilya :: the main role

2005 The Myth of the Ideal Man. A detective story by Tatiana Ustinova (Ukraine) :: Irina Mertsalova

2004 Stolen Happiness | Stolen Happiness (Ukraine) :: Anna, a primary school teacher :: the main role

2004 Love is Blind :: Dasha

2003 Roksolana 3. Ruler of the Empire (Ukraine) 

2001 The Werewolf Trail :: Anna Vygotskaya, psychologist

2001 Birthday of a Bourgeois - 2 | Birthday of a Bourgeois - 2 (Russia, Ukraine) ::Olga

1999 The School of Scandal (Ukraine, movie, play) :: Maria

1999 Divorce in Russian (Ukraine, movie) :: Lyuba, daughter

1998 Rings of Omnipotence | The Seventh Witch's Ring (Russia, Ukraine) :: Imeda, wife of Iglit

1994 Down with the shame | Down with the shame (Ukraine) :: Bianka :: the main role

real name - Maria Kochubey, a typist in the institution

1993 I don't want to get married!

1992 White Clothes (Belarus, Russia) 


Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theater

Fru Stockmann - "An Enemy of the People (Dr. Stockmann)" by Henrik Ibsen (2017, directed by Jonas Waitkus);

Jenny - "It Takes a Liar!" by Dimitris Psafas (2014, dir. O. Nikitin);

Signora Montague, Montague's wife - Juliet and Romeo, based on the play by W. Shakespeare (2014, directed by K. Kashlykov);

Woman - "Woman and the Official" by Aldo Nicolai (2013, directed by D. Morozov);

Alyona - "Women. Fragment. Scandal without intermission." by A. Mardan (2012, dir. I. Dukha);

Donna Anna - Lesya Ukrainka's "Captive of Passion" ("Stone Master") (dir. Mykhailo Reznikovych);

Lydia Stakhievna Mizinova (Lika) - Leonid Malyugin (Mocking My Happiness) (dir. Mykhailo Reznikovych);

Donna Anna - Anatoliy Krym "Testament of a Chaste Womanizer" (dir. Vitaliy Malakhov);

Valentina - I. Vyrypaev "Valentine's Day" (dir. Leonid Ostropolsky);

Anna Pavlovna Vyshnevskaya - A.M. Ostrovsky "Profitable Place" (directed by Arkady Katz);

Varya - Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard (directed by Arkady Katz);

Manon - Mikhail Reznikovich's The One Hundred and Fifth Page About Love (dir. Mikhail Reznikovich);

"A ghostly scene barely flickers... (Anniversary. Anniversary? Anniversary!)" (2011);

Zinaida Opanasivna - "Uncle's Dream" by Fyodor Dostoevsky (2008, directed by Hryhoriy Ziskin);

"And all this was... and all this will be... (2001);

"The Incredible Ball (2001);

"The Royal Showdown or the Myth of Electra" (2000);

"Love and War (2000);

"Masquerade Fun (2000);

"Fire of Desires (1999);

"Divorce in Russian" (1999);

"Adventures on a Magic Island (1997);

"The Royal Games (1997);

"Autumn Violins (1997);

"Doors Slam" (1996);

Yulia - Tankred Dorst (with Ursula Ehler) "A Real Man at the Beginning of the Millennium..." (1996, Mikhail Reznikovich);

Maria - Richard Brinsley Sheridan in School of Scandal (1995, directed by Mikhail Reznikovich);

"Jealousy (1995);

"The Story of a Passion (1994).

Kyiv Academic Workshop of Theater Art "Suzirya" (1998-2011):

Coralia - "When a Horse Faints" by Françoise Sagan;

Elizabeth - "In the Circle of Love" by Somerset Maugham.


Has experience as a TV presenter