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Theater and film actress (Ukraine).

From 1993 to the present, she has been an actress at the Kyiv Academic Theater "Koleso".

Teaches theater and stage language at the Kyiv Children's Academy of Arts.


actor of drama theater and cinema, workshop of M.M. Karasyov, 1979


Location - Ukraine




Gender: Female

Date of birth: December 12, 1955

Height: 170

Weight: 57

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Green

Hair color: With gray hair

National type: European, Slavic

Clothing size: 38

Shoe size: 37

Expiration date of the passport:

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 1979


Sports: Horseback riding, Swimming, Fencing

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Dance: Folk

Musical instruments: Piano

Driving skills: Car




2021 Secret love. Return | Secret Love. The Return (Ukraine) :: episode :: directed by A. Tymenko :: Star Media

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2011 Psychic Detectives :: episode: Makarova

2011 Return of Mukhtar-7 :: Smychkova, How to write a bestseller | 5th episode

2011 White roses of hope :: gynecologist

2010 108 minutes (Ukraine) :: mother

2009 By Law (Ukraine) :: Antonina Frolova, Deadly Loss | 44th episode

2009 Good reason to kill (Ukraine) :: episode

2008 The Return of Mukhtar-4 :: Naina, The Elusive Avenger | 75th episode

2007 Other People's Secrets (Ukraine) :: episode

2007 Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman of the search-2, Ali Baba and 40 robbers | movie 2 :: episode

2006 Beware, Blondes! (Ukraine) :: episode

2004 Russian medicine :: episode

1992 A child until November (Ukraine) :: episode

1990 Memories without a date :: episode

1990 The Rampant | The Rampant :: episode

1986 The Accused Wedding :: court reporter

1986 The Chameleon's Game :: Sisi, the secretary: Sisi, the secretary

1985 The One Without Rank :: Darling


Kyiv Academic Theater "KOLESO"(Wheel)

Maria (V. Merezhko "Caucasian Roulette")

Sarah (M. Yanchuk "In Kyiv, on Podil...")

Josefa (F. Mitterer "Mozart's Women")

Florence Snyder (K. Ludwig "The Prima Donnas")

Previously she worked with the Youth Theater, Bravo Theater, and the Actor's House.