Represented by: ArminaContact: mik.armina@gmail.com 

Theater and film actress (Latvia).

Prizes and awards:

WorldFest Houston 2020, nominated for

Remi Award, Best Supporting Actress, Blizzard of Souls 2019


Actor of drama theater and cinema, workshop of Mara Kimele and Elmar Senkovs, 2017.


Location - Latvia




Gender: Female

Date of birth: October 19, 1992

Height: 165

Weight: 57

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Light ginger hair

National type: European

Clothing size: 36

Shoe size: 38,5

Timbre of voice: low, sexy 

The expiration date of the passport:

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Riga

Citizenship: Latvia


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Lyrics, Tragedy

Work experience: since 2013


Sports: Basketball, Swimming, Fencing

Languages: Latvian, English, German, Russian

Dances: Ballroom, Folk, Historical and domestic, Modern

Musical instruments skills: ukulele, guitar, etc. (learning fast)

Driving skills: Bicycle, Car




2022 “The Good Neighbor” (the feature film):: portrayed the role of “Janine” :: Director -Stephan Rick :: “Altit Media Group” Ltd.

2019 ’’Blizzard of souls'' (the feature film):: portrayed the role of ''Mirdza'' :: Directed by Dzintars Dreibergs :: ''Amber Land Films'' Ltd.

2019 "New Year's Taxi 2" (the feature film):: portrayed the role of "Kristine" :: by director and screenwriter Maris Martinson :: "K - films" Ltd.

2018 "New Year's Taxi" (the feature film):: portrayed the role of "Kristine" :: by director and screenwriter Maris Martinson :: “K- films” Ltd.

2017 "Swindlers"(the feature film):: The role of "Linda" :: director Andrejs Ēķis :: ''Platforma Filma'' Ltd.

2017 "King" (Short film) :: portrayed the role of "Una" :: Director: Elita Klavina.

2015 “Magical kimono”(the feature film):: portrayed the role of ‘'Make up artist’' :: directed by Maris Martinsos :: “K- films” Ltd.

2013 “PAPA” (Short film):: The role of “Līga”:: Directed by Valerijs Oļenho :: of the Latvian Academy of Culture film directing.

2013 “Higher to Low” (master film):: porteayed the role of “Blondie” :: Directed by Janis Abele :: of the Latvian Academy of Culture film directing.


Roles at the Dailes Theater 2014-2019: 

Girl (''Children of the Swamp'' by A. Dīcis, 2019)

Serjozha ("Karenin" by V. Sigarev, 2019)

Mary (“Sand people'' by J. Dobrev, 2019)

Galminiece (''Lion in Winter’' by J.Goldman, 2018) 

Stella (‘'A street car named desire’' T. Williams, 2018)

Ms. Drake, Secretary / Junisa Hemonda ("Being Keya Gonda” by A.Renda, 2018)

Dwarf Nūķīte (''Nickel and Rick's Sticks’' by  E.Kulis, 2017)

Leif's Wife (‘’The Celebration'' by T. Vinterberg, M.Rukov, 2017)

Huanita (‘'Carmen'' by P. Merimee, D.Malchikov, 2017),

Barbara / Zoie / Pamela Stokes / Dancer (''The Death of Bunny Munro’' by N. Cave, 2017)

Lily, Whore (''The Still Life with a Fat Boy’' by J.Sapdaru, 2016)

Amy (''The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'’ by M.Twain, 2016)

Assistant ("Scenes from a Marriage” by I. Bergman, 2016)

Lady of the Court / Nun ("Jeanne d’Arc'' by K.Lacha, J.Elsberg, E.Mamaja, 2016)

The girl in the bar ("The Exiled” by M.Ivashkevich, 2015)

Lisa, The Maid / Tiger Lily / Jane (''Peter Pan’' by J.M.Berrie, 2014)

Roles in other theaters:

Fairy  ( “A midsummer Night’s dream". Director: Elmārs Seņkovs) National theater

- Participation in the Academy play  based on Rainis' play: “Golden Horse. From Horse to Personality ”Director Gilda Alex

- Participation in the Academy work based on the poetry of Eduard Weidenbaum: "I am not so deep in mud yet". Directed by Māra Ķimele

-Dirty Deal Theater Project "War Notes" read. Playwright Justine Kļava, director Dmitry Petrenko


LTV - Latvian National Television TV broadcast “ Latvijas Godi” TV host for one season 2022


The concept of the role of "Dina" developed and implemented in the series "Women Lie Better" in Season 4 / Season 5 / Season 6 / Season 7 Director: Sigitas Rakis (2014 - 2017)

Reality show "Who's Who" Season 1, Season 2. Season 3 (24 series)

The Who's Who reality show featured 24 male occupations, each one day (12 hours).

Season 1 (6 episodes in length)

Motorcycle Clutch Engineer / Chimney Sweep / Firefighter / Peat bog Worker / Trashman / Turner

Season 2 (8 episodes in length)

Blacksmith / Road worker / Caramel puller / Shoemaker / Handy man (electrician) / Farmer(tractor control) / Sheep shearer / Baker

Season 3 (10 episodes in length)

Shiitake Mushroom Kennel / Sheep Farm / Goat Cheese Farm Kennel / Bio Cow Farm / Strawberry Farm / Rabbit Farm / Ostrich Farm / Cereal Farm

Agricultural and agricultural yard.

Broadcast broadcast on STV (Women's Television Channel), Lattelecom Liene Vilnīte Publishing Company, (2015 - 2016)

“SIA Direct Contact Media” 

Role of “Ilze” in Audiovisual Work (Mini series on TV3 Channel) “Divorce Formula” Director: Uldis Cipsts, 2016

Latvian State Television Ltd.

The concept of the role of "Signe" was developed and implemented in the material of the television program - audiovisual work "Angel Street 9" 160 episodes, (2013 - 2014)

"Castinge Bridge"

Representing the role of "Julia", in a feature film "The Best Guys", in Russian, 2014


Advertising Partner KEVIN.MURPHY LATVIA (2020). Creation of photo, video and other material. Product testing, application. 

- Advertising Partner HUAWEI BALTIC (2019). Creation of photo, video and other material. Product testing, application. 

Participation in activities organized by Huawei Baltic. Product promotion, advertising in social media. (Instagram, Facebook)

- Advertising partner "Adidas". Adidas Performance Face (2018). Creation of photo, video and other material. Product testing, application. 

Participation with adidas support groups, marathons, activities organized by adidas. Product promotion, advertising in social environment (Instagram, Facebook)

- CocaCola advertising partner Baltija product 'Fuze tea'. 

Creation of photo, video and other material. Testing and promotion on social networks via photo, video. (Instagram, Facebook)


-Participation in “Bad Habits" music video “Great white night" producer BM Production

-Participation in "Ryga" music video “Candyman" 

-Participation in "STONESTREET" music video "Johnie The Fire" producer. Santiago Rivero

-Participation in "KARISFREE" music video "INVISIBLE" directed by Nikita Volodiev


Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) - The Last of Us 2023

Creators - Neil Druckmann (based on the PlayStation Studios video game), Craig Mazin (created for television)

The voice of Riley Abel for Latvian television


From June 1, 2017 till now - Radio Personality, Voice  in '“Radio SWH”

Cinemania authored informative work with Vladis Goldbergs and Nauris Brikmanis.

Informative entertaining work ( voice & radio personality)  "Greeting in the Skirts" with Vladis Golbergs and Evija Gulbe From 2017 - 2023


- Riga City Sports Award 2019 at VEF Culture Palace - Hosting with TV journalist Reinis Ošenieks

- Latvian Tennis Union Annual Ball 2019 - Host with actor Andris Bulis

- AM Baltics All Media Baltics 2018 Co-operative Ball host. In cooperation with "Ants Metrapole".

- Host of “Vidzemes Fashion week” Event.

Co-host of the 18th anniversary of TVnet.lv with Rihards Leperis