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Theater and film actress (Ukraine).

From 2004 to the present she has been an actress at the New Drama Theater in Pechersk.

Since 2004 - actress of the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater.


- actor of drama theater and cinema, workshop of O. Shavarsky, 2004


Location - Ukraine




Gender: Female

Date of birth: April 22, 1982

Height: 177

Weight: 65

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Gray

Hair color: Brown

National type: European, Jewish, Slavic

Clothing size: 44-46

Shoe size: 41

Voice timbre: Soprano

Passport expiration date: 2030

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Kyiv oblast

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 2004


Sports: Horseback riding, Swimming, Fencing

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Dances: Ballroom, Folk, Historical and folk, Modern

Musical instruments: Guitar, Piano

Driving skills: Car, Bicycle




2021 "Games of older children" Dir. R. Barabash :: role - Kateryna Sinko 

2021 feature film "La Palisiada" Dir. F. Sotnichenko :: role - Elena 

2020 "Adventure" Dir. R. Barabash :: role - Elena

2020 "Dr. Baby Dust" 5th season 31 episodes, Dir. Pavlo Mashchenko :: Role - Valentina

2019 "No step back" :: Dir. Dmitry Sorokin :: Role - Milan 

2018 "Daddies" 13th episode : nurse 

2015 "The Last Moskal. Judgment Day" Season 2: Directed by Semen Gorov: the role of Ulyana 

2014 "The Last Moskal": directed by Semyon Gorov: role : Ulyana 

2013 "Dr. Baby Dust-2" For Your Sake :: Dir. Anton Goyda : role: Olga

2010 "Faith, Hope, Love" dir. by Alexey Rudakov role: Irina Vidova 

2009 "Labyrinths of Lies"

2008 "Squad" role: Galya 

2007 "The Return of Mukhtar-4" role: Varya 

2006 "All inclusive" 

2006 "The She-Wolf" 


Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater:

"Sentimental Cruise" :: Lisa, T. Kandali

"Hysteria" :: Anna, T. Johnson

"The Magic Cat" :: Rouge, Violette, O. Senatovich, V. Kino "Oedipus Rex" :: Theban, Sophocles

"Shakuntala" :: The Desert Woman, Kalidasa

"The One Who Fell from the Sky" :: The Secret Viper, I. Poklad, O. Vrataryov

"Solo for a watch with a fight" :: singer, O.Zahradnyka

"The Lion and the Lioness" :: Sasha, I.Koval

"The Kaidashev Family" :: Motrya, I.Nechuy-Levytsky

"Edith Piaf. Life on Credit" :: Annette Lajon, Y. Rybchynsky, V. Vasalatiy

"Kotigoroshko" :: Olenka, A.Navrotsky

New Drama Theater in Pechersk :

"The Law of Tango" :: Petrovna

"The Island of Our Love and Hope" :: Nastya

"Stupid stories about you and me" :: Girl

"Harlequin. The Servant of Two Masters" :: Beatrice

"Five Stories by Pelevin" :: Lucia

"The Day of the Angel" :: Ksenia