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Theater and film actress (Ukraine).

Since 2008 she has been an actress at the Kyiv Academic Drama Theater on Podil.


  theater and film actress, workshop of A. Litko, 2007


Location - Ukraine




Gender: Female

Date of birth: July 30, 1983

Height: 167

Weight: 58

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Green-brown

Hair color: Red

National type: European, Slavic

Clothing size:

Shoe size: 37

Voice timbre: Mezzo-soprano

Expiration date of the passport: 

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 2002.


Sports: Fitness aerobics, Basketball, Boxing, Equestrian sports, Fencing, Football, Ice skating, Swimming, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Track and field, Volleyball

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish

Dances: Ballroom, Folk, Historical and domestic, Modern

Musical instruments: Guitar, Piano, Brass

Active hobbies: Rollerblading

Driving skills: Car, Moped

Additional skills: professional vocals - pop, classical, jazz.




2023 Circle of Oman (Ukraine, in production) :: dir. by O. Tymenko :: maid ::  Tri-ya-da

2020 Mom (Ukraine, feature, in production) :: Masha :: dir. by T. Tkachenko

2020 Dr. Baby Dust 5 (Ukraine) :: Katya :: dir. P.Mashchenko, M.GGulenko :: FILM.UA

2019 And there will be people (Ukraine) :: Marta :: dir. by A.Nepytalyuk :: FILM.UA

2019 The Consultant (Ukraine) :: Lyudmila Kosarenko :: dir. by O.Turansky :: StarMedia

2019 Dog-5 (Ukraine) :: Luda :: dir. by S.Tereshchuk :: Victoria Studio (Pro TV)

2018 Medical Faculty (Ukraine) :: mother of an applicant :: Diesel Studio

2018 The Yurchyshyns (Ukraine) :: realtor :: dir. by A.Berezan :: E 85 Production for ISTV channel

2018 Autopsy will show (Ukraine) :: Julia :: dir. by T.Dudar :: MAMAcasting

2017 The One Who Doesn't Sleep (Ukraine) :: the wife of a weatherman :: dir: Axel Time Production 

2017 Desperate Householder (Ukraine) :: Sonya :: dir. A. Keshchan :: ABC Film 

2017 To reach myself (Ukraine) :: nurse :: dir: Studio Valentina Opaleva LLC

2016 The Conductress :: Katya, 19 episode :: dir. T.Dudar, S.Sotnichenko :: "Mamas Film Production"

2016 Foundlings (Ukraine) :: actress :: dir. by A.Papernyi :: Film UA

2016 Bad Good Cop (Ukraine) :: Rita :: dir. M. Litvinenko :: StarLight Films

2016 Thunderstorm over Tihorichchya (Ukraine) :: the milkmaid :: dir: 1+1 Production

2014 Substitution in an instant (Ukraine) :: Tanya, Inga's sister :: dir. by V. Kharchenko-Kulikovsky :: UPS

2014 Personal File (Ukraine) :: Rosa Kamyshina, Bodrov's wife :: dir. V.Melnychenko, I.Zabara :: UPS

2014 House with lilies (Russia, Ukraine) :: Natalia :: dir. V.Krasnopolsky, V.Uskov :: Film.ua, Favorit-film

2014 Everything will come back (Russia, Ukraine) :: a woman with a child :: dir: Star Media

2014 White Wolves-2 (Russia) :: Zina Kolesova :: dir. A.Burtsev, D.Soshnikov

2013 To Kill Twice (Ukraine) :: Nastya, the convict :: dir. by S. Chekalov :: Star Media

2013 Kiss (Ukraine) :: Alla, Maxim's ex-wife :: dir. O. Maslennikov, V. Alyoshechkin :: Kyivtelefilm

2013 Butterflies (Ukraine) :: a woman in a ward :: dir. by V. Vorobyov :: Film UA

2012 Dr. Baby Dust (Ukraine) :: Tatiana Nikolaevna / mother of Asya :: Film UA

2012 Jamaika (Ukraine, Russia) :: Lyudmila Alekseevna Karavayeva / deputy colony commander :: dir: Kyivtelefilm

2012 General's daughter-in-law (Russia) :: Svetlana :: dir. by A.Mateshko :: UPS / daughter of Nikolai Nikolaevich

2011 Dark Waters (Russia) :: episode :: dir. A.Seitablaev :: Bastion Film Company

2011 Spring in December (Russia) :: Sveta :: dir. A.Mateshko :: UPS

2010-2011 Marusya (Russia, all seasons) :: Sonya, line role :: 

К. Meretukov, P. Krotenko, K. Smirnov (II) :: Danian Film Company,

2010 Return of Mukhtar-6 (Russia) :: Sveta :: directed by V. Zlatoustovsky :: Studio "2V" by order of NTV

2010 Brother for Brother (Russia, Ukraine) :: episode :: dir. by O. Larin, O. Turansky :: Star Media

2009 The Abduction of the Goddess (Russia, Ukraine) :: Anna :: dir. by A.Berezan :: Star Media

2009 Return of Mukhtar-5 (Russia) :: Sveta :: dir. by V. Zlatoustovsky :: Studio "2V" by order of NTV

2009 Shark (Ukraine) :: Rita, granddaughter of Lidia Petrovna :: dir. by A. Mateshko :: UMG

2008 Lessons of seduction (Ukraine, Russia) :: episode :: dir. by A.Lisovets :: Star Media

2008 The Right to Hope (Ukraine) :: Christina, lead role :: dir. T.Tkachenko :: Star Media

2008 The Genius of an Empty Place (Ukraine) :: Natasha, secretary :: dir. by A.Mateshko :: "Profit and UMG

2007 Return of Mukhtar-4 (Russia) :: Lisa :: dir. by V. Zlatoustovsky :: Studio "2B" by order of NTV


Since 2008, the Kyiv Theater on Podil:

Vertep - Khveska 

Mirror - Zizi, Tomsky's wife 

We have been swapped bodies - Marina* Asso and Piaf - Simone Berthaud (sister of Edith Piaf), 

Irina Borozdina - "Eternally Alive", V. Rozov

and others.

In 2007 she worked at the Franko Theater. Franko Theater.

In 2007-2010 she was an actress at the Kyiv Theater "Suzirya".

Simone Berthaud, Edith's sister - "Assault and Piracy", Nyzovets-Mykolaichuk

In 2002-2007 she worked at the Zhytomyr Regional Theater.

Zhytomyr Regional Music and Drama Theater named after I. Kocherha:

Ulyana - "Matchmaking on Honcharivka" by G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko 

Eliza Doolittle - My Fair Lady by B. Shaw

Annunziata - "The Shadow" by E. Schwartz 

Louise - "Eight Favorite Women" by Robert Tom 

Galya - "May Night or the Drowning" by N. Gogol

Katyukha - "Escape from Reality" by T. Ivashchenko 

Mimi - Between Heaven and Earth by I. Afanasiev