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Theater and film actress, TV presenter (Ukraine).

She worked in the Andriy Danylko Theater, and together with him hosted the TV program "SV Show", playing the role of Hela.

In 1999, she was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the Kyiv Film Festival Stozhary.

She is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine.


theater and film actor, workshop of Yuriy Mazhuga, 1996


Location - Germany




Gender: Female

Date of birth: March 23, 1974

Height: 172

Weight: 67

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

National type: Asian, European, Gypsy, Slavic

Clothing size: 46-48

Shoe size: 39-40

Voice timbre: Mezzo-soprano

Expiration date of the passport: 2027 (biometric)

City of residence: Kyiv/Germany

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 1993


Sports: Swimming

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Dances: Folk, Ballroom, Historical and domestic, Modern




2021 Love without brakes :: Olga's mom :: dir: Star Light Media Production

2021 Defenseless Heart (Ukraine) :: Tanya's mom :: dir: Star Media

2020 Without You (Ukraine) :: Elvira :: dir. by A.Mokhov :: Kyivtelefilm

2020 Stepne (Ukraine, in production) :: Anna, lead role :: dir. by M.Vroda :: Vroda Studio

2020 Daughters | Daughters (Ukraine) :: Polina :: dir. by R.Barabash :: Ivory films

2020 Dau (Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden) :: Nora's mom :: dir. by I.Khrzhanovsky, I.Permyakov 

2019-2021 Papik (Ukraine) :: the wife of the guest of honor :: dir. by A.Yakovlev :: Kvartal 95 studio

2019 Living Water :: Yulia, the main role :: dir. by O. Mateshko :: Ukrainian production studio

2019 Once upon a time near Poltava :: Natalia, friend 

2019 Papik :: the wife of a drunken guest :: dir. A. Yakovlev :: Quarter 95

2018 Dau | Dau (Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden) :: Concordia Drobantseva, lead role :: dir. I.Khrzhanovsky, I.Permyakov 

2014 Brother for Brother 3 (Russia, Ukraine) :: Svetlana

2013 Dr. Baby Dust-2 (Ukraine) :: pregnant with amnesia, 3rd episode "Amnesia" 

2009 Gogol. The Nearest :: Ulyana, Danilevsky's wife

2008 Surprise Me (Ukraine) :: Zhenya Koshkina, journalist, friend of Elena

2008 A Hand for Happiness (Russia, Ukraine) :: a nurse

2008 Attraction (Ukraine) :: Olya, a nurse

2008 How to find the ideal (Ukraine) :: a coffee seller

2005 New Year's killer (Ukraine)

2000 Black Council | Black Council (Ukraine)

1999 White Suit, The | Belo odelo (Yugoslavia, Great Britain) :: the main role

1997 Roksolana 2. The Caliph's Favorite Wife (Ukraine) :: lead role: Clara

1997 Roksolana 1. Nastunya (Ukraine) :: Clara

1995 Love Island (Ukraine) :: Motrya, Natalka's best friend


She served at the Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama.


She worked in the theater of Andriy Danylko, with whom she hosted the TV program "SV Show", playing the role of Helia.