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Theater and film actress, professional stuntman (Ukraine).

From 2015 to the present, she has been an actress at the Ukrainian Classical Drama Theater "Zhyvy Theater".

In 2009-2013 she was an actress at the Roman Viktyuk Theater.

In 2010-2013 she worked in the Moscow stunt team of Dmitry Tarasenko.


actor of drama theater and cinema, workshop of N. Bychenko, 2009


Location - France




Gender: Female 

Date of birth: March 29, 1985

Height: 169

Weight: 49

Body type: Athletic

Eye color: Gray-blue

Hair color: Light brown / dark brown

National type: Caucasian, European, Gypsy, Slavic

Clothing size: S

Shoe size: 37

External features: Piercings

Voice timbre: Mezzo-soprano

Expiration date of the passport: 

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 2007


Sports: Equestrian sport, Artistic gymnastics, Fencing, Football, Rhythmic gymnastics, Rhythmic gymnastics

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

Dances: Modern

Musical instruments: Piano

Active hobbies: Parachuting

Driving skills: Bicycle, Car, Moped, Motorcycle

Weapon skills: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Sword/saber

Additional skills: ATV riding.




2021 Peaceful (Ukraine) :: Akhtem Seitablaev

2021 The House with the Closed Door :: dir. by Anton Hoyda

2021 Great Hope :: Mommy :: dir. by Anna Gres 

2020 A policeman with a motorcycle (Ukraine) :: Alisa 

2020 First Love (Ukraine) :: Star Media 

2020 The Inheritance (Ukraine) :: the role of Nadia, dir. by Alexander Budyonny, Star Media 

2020 Vanishing Footprints (Ukraine) :: Tamara :: dir. S. Tolkushkin :: Ivory films

2020 Shusha (Ukraine) :: the role of a prostitute, dir. by Oleksandr Budyonnyi, Star Media 

2019 Numbers (Ukraine, Poland) :: Fourth (lead role) :: dir. Akhtem Seitablaev

2019 The Guardian (Ukraine) :: Ella Konyukhova, journalist

2019 Secret Doors (Ukraine) :: Yermolova's sister :: dir. by Viacheslav Alyoshechkin / series "Dead Queen"

2019 The Whirlpool (Ukraine) 

2019 Dog-5 (Ukraine) :: a girl :: dir. by Mykola Kaptan :: PRO TV

2018 2+2=6 (Ukraine) :: a young mother :: directed by Igor Zabara

2018 On Sunday morning I dug a potion (Ukraine-Russia) :: nurse Oksana, dir. by Oleksandr Tymenko

2018 Dog-4 (Ukraine) :: nurse :: dir. by Mykola Kaptan

2018 Family Ties (Ukraine) :: dir. Kharchenko-Kulikovsky

2017 The Dentist (Ukraine) :: lead role in the series :: directed by Oleksandr Tymenko

2017 Dog-3 (Ukraine) :: director N. Kaptan :: PRO-TV

2017 Ruby Wedding Ring (Ukraine) :: Nikita's mother :: directed by Mila Pogrebiska

2017 Servant of the People-2 (Ukraine) :: daughter of a deputy :: dir. by Oleksiy Kiryushchenko

2017 Dr. Kovalchuk (Ukraine) :: the main role in the series :: dir. by Eva Strelnikova

2017 Eva's Second Life (Ukraine) :: Anya :: dir. by Oleksandr Itygilov :: UPS

2017 Temptation (Ukraine) :: administrator in the salon :: dir. by Igor Zabara 

2017 Oncoming Lane | Drivers (Ukraine) :: Doctor :: dir. V. Yakovenko :: 2+2

2016 Dr. Baby Dust :: Luda, the main role in the series :: dir. Anton Goyda 

2016 Criminologist :: Samurai series :: Stella

2016 Dog-2 (Ukraine) :: flower seller :: dir. by Volodymyr Doshchuk, Igor Zabara

2016 Welcome to the Canary Islands :: journalist :: dir. by Volodymyr Kharchenko-Kulikovsky :: UPS 

2016 The incorrigibles :: nurse :: directed by Anatoliy Mateshko

2011 Notes of Dr. Zaitseva (Russia)

As a stuntman:

2012 Subway :: dir. Anton Megerdichev :: Profit Film Company

2012 Pretty Boy.


Ukrainian classical drama theater "Zhyvyi Theater"

2017 J. Byron "Cain" :: Lucifer :: directed by R. Gryshko

2016 Ayn Rand "The Night of January 16" :: Karen Andre, the defendant :: dir. by E.Chepura

2016 B.Brecht "The Great Dictator or How to Stop Arturo Ui's Career" :: Investigator O'Casey :: dir. by A.Ohrytskyi

2015 T.Shevchenko "Haydamaky" :: Oksana :: dir. by Oleksandr Okhrytskyi

Roman Viktyuk Theater

2011 O.Bukovsky "Guests" :: Katrin :: dir. by Igor Selin

2009 Anton Chekhov "The Seagull" :: Nina Zarechnaya :: dir. by Pavel Kartashev