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Theater and film actor (Ukraine). 

From 2018 to the present - actor of the Wild Theater


actor and director, workshop of V. K. Guzhva, 1998


Location - Ukraine




Gender: Male

Date of birth: May 19, 1974

Height: 177

Weight: 66

Body type: Normal, Muscular

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Light brown/dark brown

Nationality: Slavic, European

Clothing size: M

Shoe size: 43

Voice timbre: Baritone

Expiration date of the passport: until 04.06.2028 (passport)

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: comedy, drama, farce, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 1998


Sports: Bodybuilding, Equestrian sports, Ice skating, Powerlifting, Hand-to-hand combat, Archery, Weightlifting / Weightlifting, Fencing, Figure skating, Fitness aerobics

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Dances: Ballroom, Folk, Modern

Musical instruments: Piano

Active hobbies: Mountain tourism, Rollerblading

Driving skills: Bicycle, Car, Moped, Motorcycle

Weapon possession: Pistol




2022 TV series Savage (Ukraine) :: the role of a doctor 

2021-2022 TV series Serfdom-4 (Ukraine) :: Tikhon :: dir. by Alexey Esakov

2021 t/s Consolidated (Ukraine) ::

2021 t/s Family and Justice (Ukraine) :: Levi :: dir. by Petro Stepin

2021 t/c Sea Patrol (Ukraine) :: 

2021 t/c Great Hope :: Classmate :: dir. Anna Gres 

2021 h/f It's Good That Mom Doesn't Know :: Supporting role (Fish) :: director - A. Litvinenko.

2021 t/c Stomper (dir. V. Rozhko)

2021 t/c The Challenge (dir. A. Daruga),

2021 t/c Trump Card (dir. T. Tkachenko) 

2021 t/c From the Ground Up (dir. R. Brovko)

2021 t/c Saving Mom 

2021 t/c House of Bobrinsky (dir. A. Silkin)

2021 t/c The Beautiful Lady (dir. A. Gusev) 

2021 t/c A House with a Dog for Sale (dir. T. Dudar)

2020 t/c The Trail (dir. O. Honcharova)

2020 t/c Once upon a time near Poltava (dir. A. Burlaka)

2020 t/c The Dog (dir. O. Salnikov)

2020 t/c Don't Tell Me About Love (dir. T. Dudar)

2020 t/c Autopsy will show (dir. A. Esakov)

2019 t/c A Strong Woman (dir. E. Sologalov)

2019 t/c Senior Investigator. I will prove everything to you (dir. D. Tarasov),

2019 t/c Cop Wars. Kharkiv (dir. V. Rozhko),

2019 t/c The Secret Door (dir. A. Salnikov).

2017 t/c Life on the Edge:: A leading role in the series 

2017 feature film Thirst for Revenge, directed by O. Knyazeva


Character Foreigner Ricky in the programs "Piranhas" and "Abzats", New Channel.


From 2018 to the present - actor of the Wild Theater

Dnipropetrovs'k Theater at the Ukrainian House

2021 "Marginalized" :: the main role in the novel "Metro" :: directed by Yuri Radionov

2019 "Bluebeard" :: lead role :: Bluebeard :: directed by Ilya Pelyuk 

2018 "Gay Parade" :: lead role :: Zhenya :: directed by A. Dorichevsky