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Theater and film actor (Ukraine).

From 2003 to the present, he has been an actor in the Drama and Comedy Theater on the left bank of the Dnipro River. 

From 2010 to the present - choreographer-director in the artistic exemplary team 

"Show ballet Dance Style". 



Location - Ukraine




Gender: Male

Date of birth: 20 червня 1984

Height: 181

Weight: 70

Body type: Normal, Athletic

Eye color: Gray-blue

Hair color: Light brown/dark brown

National type: European, Gypsy, Slavic

Clothing size: 46-48

Shoe size: 42

External features: Piercings

Voice timbre: Dramatic baritone

Expiration date of the passport: 2025

City of residence: Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: comedy, drama, farce, lyrics, satire, tragedy

Work experience: since 2003


Sports: Horseback riding, Swimming, Hand-to-hand combat, Fencing

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Italian

Dances: Folk, Historical and domestic, Modern

Musical instruments: Guitar, Piano

Driving skills: Car, Bicycle

Weapon skills: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Machine gun, Sword/saber styles).




2023 In a Human Way (Ukraine) :: lead role (short film) :: directed by V. Melnychuk :: Kalyna Film

2020 Crystal Dream :: dir. S. Shcherbin :: Frenchman

2020 Secret Door :: dir. A. Salnikov :: Vadim

2020 The Midwife :: dir: Investigative journalist

2019 Gorchakov's Investigator :: dir: DJ Star

2019 A mother's heart :: dir: Valery

2018 Opera on call :: dir. T.Tkachenko :: Max-Karat

2017 To love forever :: dir.I.Zabara :: Artem

2017 Dr. Kovalchuk :: dir: Samuel

2017 A Tale of Money :: Gypsy :: dir. by O.Morgunets-Isaenko

2016 The Singer :: Andrey

2016 Triple defense :: Gleb Didenko :: directed by A.Mateshko

2016 The best week of my life :: The stylist :: dir. S.Gorov 

2014 Sasha (Ukraine) :: Vladimir Privalov in his youth :: dir. A.Goyda :: PRO TV

2014 Ambulance (Ukraine) :: Zhenya Krachkovsky, transvestite, 8th episode

2014 Major :: Filimonov, son of a general

2013 Bird in a Cage (Ukraine) :: episode, Gosha :: dir: Star Media

2012 Solstice (Russia, Ukraine) :: Kostya, Mikhail's cousin

2012 Sonya's World (Ukraine) :: Sena

2012 Dr. Baby Dust (Ukraine) :: Igor Panteleev, Taya's janitor | 21st episode

2012 The Return of Mukhtar-8 :: Grigory Zasorin, Winning | 36th episode

2011 Champions of the Backyard (Ukraine) :: Professor

2011 Dark Waters :: Umka

2011 The Return of Mukhtar-7 :: Yurlov's friend, Finding the Invisible Man | 41st episode

2008 Home, Sweet Home (Russia, Ukraine) :: Shurik

2007 You can't command the heart (Ukraine) :: episode, Rodion


Drama and comedy theater on the left bank of the Dnipro river

2020 VINO :: directed by E. Korniag

2019 Romance :: dir. by A. Seredin

2019 Family Album :: dir. by Matteo Spiazzi

2015 A. Cason "Savage" :: dir: Pablo

2014 Don't relax with your loved ones... (Gene Kerr) :: Dir: V. Aydin

2011 The Passenger in the Suitcase (Ulrich Hube) :: The Second Penguin :: Dir: T. Trunova

2010 Three Sisters (A. Chekhov) :: Rode Vladimir Karpovich :: Dir: E. Mytnytskyi

2008 Tom Sawyer (play by Y. Stelmakh based on the novel by Mark Twain) :: Tom Sawyer :: Dir: T. Trunova

Theater "Suzirya"

"The strange world of theater" :: dir. V. Borysiuk


2013 Two ladies towards the north:: Dir: T. Trunova


2013 The Perfect Couple :: Dir: V. Tsivinsky


"Intimacy" (dir. T.Trunova)

"The Maiden. Version" (dir. T. Trunova)