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Actress, producer (Ukraine, Germany).



Location - Germany - Ukraine




Gender: Female 

Date of birth: March 8, 1991

Height: 166

Weight: 55

Body type: Athletic

Eye color: Green-brown

Hair color: Brown

National type: Asian, European, Gypsy, Slavic

Clothing size: 40-42

Shoe size: 37-38

Voice timbre: Lyric soprano

Expiration date of the passport: 

Driver's license: B

City of residence: Germany

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Experience: since 2009


Sports: Athletics

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English (spoken)

Dance: Folk, Modern

Musical instruments: Piano

Active hobbies: Diving, Rollerblading

Driving skills: Car

Weapon skills: Sword/saber

Additional skills: Stage combat, gymnastics




2021 Велика Надія (Україна) :: Вихователька :: реж. А. Гресь :: Mama`s Film

2021 Таємне кохання. Повернення (Україна) :: Наталія Борисівна в молодості :: реж. А. Тименко

2020 Родинні Зв'язки - 2 (Україна) :: продавець у весільному салоні :: реж. В. Харченко - Куликовський

2018 Plantains (Ukraine) :: designer, role in the series :: dir. V. Kharchenko - Kulikovsky

2018 The Dentist (Ukraine) :: neighbor :: directed by A. Tymenko :: 1+1 production

2017 Ruby Ring (Ukraine) :: linear supporting role, nurse :: directed by M. Pogrebyska :: Front cinema production 

2017 Agents of Justice (Ukraine) :: supporting role, Ruslana Kalynchuk :: Pro TV

2017 The Doctor on Call (Ukraine) :: Marina, wife ::

2017 Dr. Baby Dust-3 (Ukraine) :: Kozhevnikova, patient :: dir. A. Onufriev ::

2017 Dog-3 (Ukraine) :: journalist :: dir. by S. Tereshchuk, N. Kaptan

2017 New Police | Super Cops (Ukraine, 5th season) :: directed by A. Bogdanenko

2016 Forbidden Love (Ukraine) :: flower seller :: directed by I. Zabara

2016 Doctor on call (Ukraine)

2014 Ambulance (Ukraine) :: mother of a boy patient :: dir. M. Litvinov, O. Strelnikova :: StarLight Films

2014 Atypical Taxi Driver (Ukraine, short) :: director Anton Zhadko


Since 2021 - actress of the Odesa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after V. Vasylko.

From 2016-2021 - actress of the Kyiv Theater "On the Verge".

From 2018-2021 - actress of the Kyiv Beat Theater.

In 2016-2017 - an actress of the Kyiv Theater "Creative Boiler Room".

Zaporizhzhya Youth Theater (2009-2016)

2016 Fool is love :: KOSHA

2015 V. Kataev "The Square of the Circle" :: Tonka

2015 M. Wintergoller In the Wardrobe :: Veronika :: dir. by Y. Kulinich 

2015 F. Begbeder Dinner of Fools :: Marlene :: dir. by G. Fortus

2014 M. Camoletti "Boeing Boeing" :: German stewardess Martha 

2014 The Merry Family :: dir: Mouse

2013 Cat's Home :: Kitten

2013 I'm not saying goodbye :: Rusya

2013 In search of a dragon :: a ballet dancer

2012 Give me the curtain!!! Urgently!!! :: The Tax Inspector