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Theater and film actress (Lithuania, Ukraine).

Since 2011 she has been an actress at the Vilnius Old Theater.

From 2007 to 2009, she was an actress at the Kyiv Academic Drama Theater in Podil.

In 2010-2011 she worked with the DOC Theater (Moscow).

Prizes and awards:

Teletriumph Award (Ukraine) 2014-2015 for the best actress (Tatiana) in the television series "The Trap", directed by S. Korotayev.


- actor of drama theater and cinema, workshop of M.M.Rushkovsky, 2007


Location - Lithuania




Gender: Female 

Date of birth: December 7, 1982

Height: 177

Weight: 62

Body type: Normal

Eye color: Gray-green

Hair color: Blonde/Light brown

National type: European, Slavic

Clothing size: 38 (M)

Shoe size: 39

Voice timbre: Mezzo-soprano

Expiration date of the passport: 2023

City of residence: Vilnius, Kyiv

Citizenship: Ukraine


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Lyrics, Satire, Tragedy

Work experience: since 2004


Sports: Horseback riding, Athletics, Swimming, Hand-to-hand fighting

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, German

Dance: Ballroom

Driving skills: Car

Weapon skills: Pistol, Rifle, Machine gun




2021 Glass of milk please... | Glass of Milk Please,A | Stiklinę pieno, prašau... (Lithuania, Norway, in production)

2020 Saga (Ukraine) :: Shurochka (35-48 years old) :: dir. by D. Laktionov, Tri-Ya-Da Production

2018 Hide and Seek (Ukraine) :: Yezerska :: dir. by I.Gromozda :: Film.ua

2018 Bird of the Soul (Ukraine) :: Vera, lead role :: dir. by R.Brovko :: UM-GROUP, with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency

2018 5 Bucks (UK, Ukraine) :: one of the main roles, Kotykova :: dir. by Miroslav Latyk :: commissioned by BBC

2018 Four Seasons (Ukraine) :: Helga, lead role :: directed by A. Banke, M. Mikhailov :: New Channel

2016 Testament of a Princess (Ukraine) :: Magda :: directed by R.Barabash :: UPS

2016 A trip into the night | Kelionė į naktį (Lithuania)

2016 8 Best Dates (Russia) :: an employee of the marriage agency "Ideal Couple" :: dir. by Marius Weisberg :: Gorad Production Center and Green Films

2015 The Old Miller's Tale | The Old Miller's Tale :: The Forest Princess | The Forest Princess :: dir: Euromedia

2015 Sweet Life-2 (Russia) :: Zhenya :: dir. A.Dzhunkovsky :: Good Story Media

2015 The Lodger (Ukraine, short) :: Dama :: dir. A. Mateshko

2015 Women in Love (Ukraine, Russia) :: Snizhana :: dir. D. Laktionov :: Star Media

2015 Share Your Happiness (Ukraine) :: lead role, Larisa Panina :: dir. by O. Bayrak :: Film.ua, Studio Bayrak

2014 Get to know me if you can (Ukraine, Russia) :: Dasha, Uvarov's man :: dir. by A.Gusev, E.Grammatikov :: UPS Film Company

2014 Let's kiss (Ukraine) :: Olivia Wilkina :: dir. by S.Chekalov :: 1+1 production

2014 Migratory birds (Ukraine, Russia) :: Tanya Gudimova :: dir. by B.Drobyazko :: Star Media

2013 To Kill Twice (Ukraine, Russia) :: Tatiana Novikova :: dir. S.Chekalov :: Star Media

2013 Explosion Point :: Katya Vasnetsova :: dir. by Dmytro Kuzmin

2013 Love on Probation (Ukraine, Russia) :: Zoya, a paramedic :: dir. by A.Itygilov (junior) :: UPS Film Company

2013 Trap | Trap (Ukraine, Russia) :: Tatiana, a killer :: dir. by S.Korotayev :: Film.ua, Central Partnership

2012 My Favorite Genius :: Polina, Denis's first wife :: dir. by Y.Krasnova

2012 Personal life of investigator Savelyev (Russia, Ukraine) :: dir: Emma Smurova, a famous volleyball player :: dir. S.Krutin :: "Pyramid", Odesa Film Studio / Robbers | film 9

2012 Stories of a graphomaniac (Ukraine) :: Anna :: dir. by O.Filipenko :: Pronto film

2012 Atonement :: lead role, Polina Gromova :: dir: PrJSC, MMC-STB

2012 The Woman's Doctor (Ukraine, Russia) :: Maria Zueva, a businesswoman :: dir. by A.Parkhomenko, A.Hoyda :: Film.ua / Valerie | 9th episode

2011 Crack :: lead role, Captain Larina :: dir. by V.Konisevych :: Uniforce Film Company

2011 Heavenly relatives (Ukraine) :: Svetlana Krushinina, investigator :: dir. by B. Drobiazko :: Kyivfilm company, Kvartal 95 studio, Inter TV channel

2011 Medicine for Grandma (Ukraine, Russia) :: Veronika :: dir. by S. Alyoshechkin :: UPS Film Company

2011 Cedar pierces the sky :: Marie, von Braun's wife :: dir. by A.Barshak :: KoBura Film Company

2011 Spring in December (Ukraine, Russia) :: Valeria Golikova :: dir. by A. Mateshko :: UPS Film Company

2010 Forensic experts (Russia) :: lead role, Marina Anatolyevna Gatalova, prosecutor :: dir: Russian World Studios

2010 Neighbors (Ukraine) :: Zhenya, Igor's ex-wife :: dir. by O.Filipenko, P.Tupyk, I.Zabara, Y.Neshcheretny :: Inter TV channel, Inter Media Production, Prima-film

2010 Plato the Angel (Ukraine) :: Klava, the Doctor :: dir. by I.Voytyuk :: Dovzhenko Film Studio. Dovzhenko Film Studio

2010 The Cuckoo (Ukraine, Russia) :: Angela, Marina's friend :: dir. by S. Alyoshechkin :: New studio commissioned by RTR

2010 Brother for Brother (Russia, Ukraine) :: Igor's wife :: dir. by O. Larin, O. Turansky :: Star Media

2010 Anti-Sniper. A new level (Russia, Ukraine) :: Victoria, Ovechkin's wife :: dir. S.Sokolyuk :: Star Media Pro

2009 Miracle (Ukraine) :: a visitor to a restaurant

2009 Hunting for Werewolf (Ukraine) :: Ekaterina Tikhomirova

2009 Cruise :: Natalia Summers

2009 The Governess :: blonde (new secretary)

2008 Gravity :: Alina / acquaintance of Krasovsky

2008 Dad for Hire (Ukraine, Russia) :: Svetlana

2008 The Squad (Russia, Ukraine) :: Larisa

2008 Love on the Asphalt :: Mira :: the main role

2008 King, Queen, Jack (Russia, Ukraine) :: Galya

2008 Bogun. Lawyer's Investigations (Ukraine)

2007 Debt, The | החוב (Israel, Ukraine)

2006 Watch out for blondes! (Ukraine) :: episode

2006 Oper Hook (Ukraine) :: Irina

2006 The Return of Mukhtar-3 / The Housing Issue | 67th episode

2006 Angel from Orly (Ukraine) :: Camilla

2005 Crazy :: Sviridova's niece

2005 The Attorney :: Anna :: the main role

2005 The Return of Mukhtar-2 / Self-Propelled Vehicle | 4th episode

2004 Russian Medicine :: Yulia

2004 Guide (Ukraine) :: Masha

2004 Evilenko | Evilenko (Italy) :: Rulana

1990 Memories without date


Vilnius Old Theater:

Turknaz - Seven Beauties, Nizam Ganjavi (2015, dir. J. Vaitkus);

Woman - Russian Notebook, V. Gavrilin (2015, dir. O. Lapina);

Eloise - Red Sails, by Yuriy Shchutsky, based on the fairy tale by A. Green (2015, dir. H. Petrotskis);

Alla Vadimovna - Zoyka's Apartment, by Mikhail Bulgakov (2014, dir. R. Atkočiūnas);

Gonerilia - King Lear, by W. Shakespeare (2014, dir. J. Vaitkus);

Christina - "Pagans" by A. Jablonska (2013, directed by J. Vaitkus);

Signora Montague - Romeo and Juliet, by W. Shakespeare (2013, directed by P. Urai);

Mercedes Degas; Cameraman - The Grönholm Method, by J. Halceran Fere (2013, dir. A. Jankevicius);

Tatyana Larina - Eugene Onegin, by Alexander Pushkin (2013, dir. by J. Vaitkus);

Puzyryova-Mother - The Christmas Tree at the Ivanovs', by A. Vvedensky (2012, dir. by J. Vaitkus).

Kyiv Theater on Podil:

Anna Kirillovna - Diary of a Young Doctor, by Mikhail Bulgakov;

The Marquise of Dorimene - The Demented Jourdain, by Mikhail Bulgakov (directed by V. Malakhov);

Christina - "At Night" by S. Dimitrievich (dir. I. Volkov);

Vertepnyk, Panna - "Vertep" by V. Shevchuk.

Kyiv New Drama Theater in Pechersk:

Olena Mykolayivna - Children of the Sun, by M. Gorky (directed by M. Rushkovsky).

Kyiv Academic Theater Workshop "Suzirya":

Suzanne Delicias - "The Orchestra" by J. Anouilh (directed by I. Slavinsky).

Educational theater (diploma works):

Clementine - "Forget Herostratus!" by G. Gorin (directed by V. Bugayev);

Moon Magpie - "Sand Soldiers" by V. Hanzenko (directed by I. Slavynsky).